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Wet fur

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Oh I'm so glad to see this forum, I have a problem with young Riley (6 months old next week) Just in the last two weeks the fur around his penis is wet after he urinates and he gets small wet spots wherever he sits down first (which sadly is often on my bed so I am doing tons of laundry!) He does wash himself up eventuallly but not soon enough...it upsets him to find these smells around the house and he tries in vain to "cover" them and also not much fun for me. I've been told to clean him up with baby wipes but obviously can't always be there ...any ideas? Is this shaving thing a goer? He is going to the vet next week to be neutered but he isn't a long haired cat (silver tabby type markings but he is a mutt) Help!
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My best guess (other than having him neutered) would be to trim the fur so it doesn't get wet. You could always ask the vet when you take Riley in to be neutered.
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I'll ask the vet, am a bit too chicken to trim it myself!
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