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Saturday! What are your Plans?

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Morning All!!!!

Sunny but cool here today only 12 degrees this morning.

Heading off to work shortly, don't have to much to do today so hope to be done by 2.

Have a few errands to run afterwards that I didn't do yesterday because of the rainy weather.

Nothing special planned for tonight just the computer and maybe watch some TV.

The kitties are good this morning, all watching the squirrels bicker over some acorns..There are like a thousand acorns but apparently the squirrels all want the same ones...Isn't that the way..

Everyone have a great day
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No plans cast in stone. Think we'll head up to the Irving Toys R Us store today. They're closing that store and holding a fantastic sale, even transferring overstocks, etc., from other stores.

Also, there's a new Harbor Freight store near our house. I need to visit it. Ladies, this is like a chocolate store for women!
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good to everyone...!...

Not big plans for today I work 1/2 day and I should to give support to my brother in law in his own bussines in order to my Father in law can´t today...
tomorrow unfortunately I´m not available to TCS... by the lack of internet at home... but the schedule will be:
5:30 am prepar snacks and coffe
6:00 am the previous show of the F1 from Belgium
7:00 am the RACE!.. (another round of snacks and Coffe!...)
9:00 am turn of the TV and look for my hammock to finish to sleep...:zzz:

1:00pm look for the dinner... ( maybe Krusty-crab....)
3:00 pm watch the Football american game on TV
5:00 pm make some garden labour..
7:00 pm take a bath and watch a dvd series...
9:00 pm go to bed because I need it......

Thanks for look the agenda!......

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Not really sure yet, John's still asleep. It's going to be a very nice day, sunny and 70s, so I imagine we'll spend most of the day outside. Hopefully I'll get a chance to ride my horse today sometime.
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I'm leaving in 10 minutes to go to the shelter to volunteer. Hopefully Tommy can come home today, that is IF he was able to go to AMC on Thursday. Then cleaning and such once I get home. It's very much a gloomy fall day here today and we're supposed to get more rain.

Have a great day y'all!
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Raining here yet again.

Just been down to the stables but although the lesson was cancelled (1 foot of rain in the menage) I still wanted to see Monty and give him his carrots.

haven't been up to much at all today apart from that. A man came round to fix the front and back door locks, and I went on here posting about Mitzi's cough, but nobody's replied yet.

Right now I'm at my nans and when we left the house Mitzi was asleep on the chair.

See ya!
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Morning. Not much on today. Just going to the library to take books back and borrow more that I had reserved. After that I need to do a load of laundry (bedding) and if my back holds up, vacuum my furniture because I'm starting to feel stuffed up and sneezing when at my computer.
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Well its a cool and fall feeling day today.

Have a couple loads of laundry on the line outside though.

All morning we have been working on the ceiling project in the family room. Lots of picky work as the beadboard needs some tweaking to fit just right!! Might prime some more boards. And have to pick up my glasses and perhaps a pizza for dinner tonite.

Have 6 pounds of chuck roast in the crockpot for hot beef which I will finish tomorrow.
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I have lots of things I need to do but not many I actually want to do

It's kinda a lazy day here.. We get up at 4:30 every day so we all slept in

Matter of fact, Brandon is still in bed

I think I'm going to get up and do some laundry in a few mins..... maybe
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Sunny and breezy from the aftereffects of TS HANNAH. Not doing much today except going out for supper tonight. Other than that probably just fool around on the puter.
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Today was a long one!

We had breakfast with DH's parents & brother this morning and then hit the road. (We went to Mobile, AL for a few days to celebrate his parents 35th anniversary). We spent about 6 hours in the car on the way home after that and then when we got home, DH had to change and get ready for work. (He's a motorcycle officer- hey're doing a DUI saturation tonight so he's picking up some extra hours.)

After he left I fixed a frozen spinach pizza for dinner then washed the car and scrubbed it down good. (We had TONS of dead love bugs all over the front of the car so I wanted to get it cleaned up).

When I got done washing the car I watched "Ever After" and just chilled out for a little bit. I'm planning to vaccume in a little bit and unpack when I get a minute. I feel like there's a million things I need to do right now
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We went to picnic at the pops and it was good. It was 101 when the concert started and 90 when we got home.
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