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In the night Mitzi started to cough a lot, as if she was about to be sick. But the thing was she wasn't sick at all. She doesn't seem like herself, maybe it's just because she's tired.

When do you think I should be worried about it, or are coughs common?


p.s - She is eating and drinking as normal
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I would call the vet for advice.
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Upper respiratory infections usually start with sneezing and/or mucus discharge, coughing is more rare and usually a sign its getting worse and has invaded the lungs. But if she has no other URI symptoms then its likely something else, anything from asthma to hairballs. I'd consult a vet.
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She hasn't been coughing for a few days but this morning around 5am she was making a noise almost like sneezing and coughing at the same time.
We think that might be because she threw up becuz she pigged out on her tea before bed, but if it does continue we will take her to the vets
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Is the weather changing in your area? If so, it could be that your little girl has allergies. This happens with one of my kitties everytime a front comes through. It's quite alarming to wake up in the middle of the night to a hacking kitty.
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We've rang the vets and they said that she could have a piece of grass stuck in her throat (not very likely as she hasn't ate any as she's been inside) but if it continues we're taking her in tomorrow.
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How is she doing today?
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