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Kitty pics of course (Lots)

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I don't post very often..but I thought I would post some recent pics of some of my kitties! (mainly the foster kittens)


Rudiger (my foster kids are getting so big!! I got Rudiger when he was 6 weeks old, now hes 4 1/2 months old)

Monkey beating up Rudiger




Monkey (if you go to older threads of mine you will find pictures of him when he was a baby..he is one of Smokette's kittens)

Rudiger attacking the screen

Squirt..the tiny one

Smokette and Monkey

Margaret and Smokette

Monkey and Rudiger


Rudiger and Margaret (Brother and sister)
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Smokette sleeping with her tongue out

Paris smelling one of the bunnies

sleepy Monkey



"What's in there?"


Squirt again




Jack again (Aren't his eyes beautiful?)

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Squirt and her favorite toy


mm..kitten for dinner!

Jannah the dog smelling Gregory


this was Molly. She has been adopted

Paris again

That is it
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OMG I Squirt. Definately my fave...

No, wait, Paris. No, Rudiger, no!

they're all so cute! I just can't pick one

they are beautiful
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OMG send me JAack and Wolfy Im in Il exchange for Henry!!!!!!
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Incredably cute!
Jess x
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beautiful cats!
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LOL@ Kitty in the Pot.. That is purrriceless
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All you kitties are just lovely!!!!
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AWWWW they are sooo cute!
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That's it, I'm comin' down there are snatching Wolfy... a dilute Calico (Tabbico? I see some stripes in there) with a wolf name (most everywhere but here I have a wolf name online)... she is GORGEOUS!

Too bad my windows face the managers' office or I could get away with a third cat... well, JoJo would probably pack her bags at the sight of another cat... someday.... man, someday...

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Nobody wanted to adopt Wolfy here! She had gone to Petco adoption (For the rescue I foster for) and nobody wanted to adopt her. Her sister got adopted an hour after they both went. So after a month of people ignoring her, we thought it was best to just keep her. Why not? lol. She was SOO happy to be back here too!
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