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She is completely fearless

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Annie, that is.

We picked up a new battery operated smoke detector and Earl was testing it out. Of course, he pushes the button and the horrendously loud BEEP BEEP BEEP goes off. The first time he got all the cats' attention. Then he decided he had to make sure the strobe light worked (he forgot the look the first time). So he pushes the button again and BEEP BEEP BEEP. Cats are flying everywhere! All except for one. Annie is walking toward the noise, and looking up to see what Daddy is holding that is making that noise. It did not even phase her!

How that kitten survived in the forest for even one day is beyond me, and I know she was out there for much longer than that before we found her. Unless she just surprised everything that tried to eat her by jumping on them first.
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Kitties are so silly sometimes!!!! She just trusts her daddy and knows he wouldn't do anything to hurt her
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Well, there is Underdog, so you have UnderTheSmokeDetector cat.
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Silly kitty!

Abby doesn't mind the smoke detector unless I don't get to it quickly and wave my oven mitt at it! If it's on too long she will go and hide. Chynna is getting old and her hearing isn't what it was, so she's not bothered by it at all. In fact even when her hearing was good loud sounds still didn't really phase her all that much.

Abby freaks at the sound...or sight of me touching the vacuum cleaner. That is unless it's the caretaker's vacuum in the hallway on the other side of the door, then Abby lays right there watching the shadow of it go back and forth and even ventures to stick a toe under the door A few weeks ago I saw a finger reach under to greet the toe!
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Hehe , our kittens love to run up the curtains and then they realize there to whimpy to stay up there lol.
Jess x
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