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What's the deal lately???????

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What's the deal lately? I mean everywhere I seem to go people are acting crazy!!!!! Maybe it's the weather or the time change. I know around the full moon people all get tense but this is outright rudeness.
Take today at school some girl I don't even know and only have one class with and never talk to came out and said "I hate you, I can't stand u" then slammed her hands on table and ran out on the way saying "I hate u" all directed at me for ABSOLUTELY no reason. Well, maybe because I'm prettier, smarter and more liked but still, we're in college I thought we were adults.

Personally even if I'm in a cranky mood I try to be a @^&%*+$ ray of sunshine to everyone. I'm not asking for all that much, just a tiny bit of kindness, or at the least mutual respect.

Then just when I thought everything would be okay, I'll come home and my kittys friends will console me, now they are freaking out and some even snubbing me. I sucked it up and got the treats, I thought for a minute (I won't give any to Maple or Wieland for acting like that) but then I'd be no better. So now everyone is fat on fishy treats and lounging (due to being stuffed and can't move), including me, I found the consolement(sp?/word) in a pint of Ben&Jerry's. (I'll probably hate me to in the morning)

So my point is, are beings all over the place acting like this or just around town?? I hope u answer, if u can get through all this!!=)
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I know we had a full moon this week. Another thing is that the weather has been absolutely bizarre(sp?) lately in a lot of places. Maybe there's something in the atmospheric conditions that is having a negative effect on people and animals????????
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well now that girl's behavior was a little bit freaky and totally uncalled for. as for the cats, well... they are cats after all.

hope tomorrow goes better than today for you!
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People honking horns over nothing, cursing each other in the fast food lines, it really isn't setting a good example for the kids I'll tell you!
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Tonight is the full moon. Rowdy has been a holy terror, since yesterday. She's like this, every month and Buddy's picking it up, too.
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Yes, we had a serious cat fight today for the first time ever here. Romeo decided to invade Lilith's personal space, which no one does without her express invitation.

Lilith turned into a hissing, spitting, claw-swiping ball of fury. Romeo was no better and tried to use his size against her. She ended up hanging upside down from the cat tree with all four paws spitting up at him perched on the top. I broke it up and held her, trying to calm her down. I know she landed a few good ones on him, and he got a bite in on her side. No bloodshed, thank goodness, but there were 11 chub-tails throughout the house for a good ten minutes.

On the human side, there were some drivers on the road I was praying a cop would catch. Some people get so ignorant when they get behind the wheel of a car!
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This has been a totally sh**ie week!I have seen a lot of people who are on a very short fuse,I am one of them,which is why I have been staying home all week!It must be the full moon ! I hope next week is better!!! Lets hope so!!
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It has been weird here, too! I was walking through the grocery store today, and this little girl just jumped up and kicked me in the butt! Her mother didn't even stop yapping on her cell phone. I asked her if she were in the habit of allowing her child to just randomly kick people, but she just ignored me. I really felt like kicking her in the butt, but didn't feel like going to jail.
Last night I pierced a girl that was too dumb to be able to get her tongue back in her mouth. I had to press down on her chin and open her mouth for her.
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Someone that dumb shouldn't be allowed to get a piercing
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I'd really be concerned about that girl. That is just not normal behavior. You just don't go up to someone unprovoked and tell them you hate them. That just sounds unstable.
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