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I am up to three cats. I took this cat from a vet who was ready to give it up to animal control. She would have been euthed. The deal was she would continue to look for a home for the cat and I would foster the cat. Well she never held her end of the bargin. I need to rehome this cat otherwise she will end up at animal control or the humain society. I am coming here in hopes that someone may be able to help.

I live in the deerfield beach, FL area. Sassy is a girl. Her previous owners got a divorce and decided she was no longer apart of the family. She is declawed from her previous owners and she is fixed. Please contact me at jackie158@hotmail.com.
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I'm out in CA, so can't help except to send mega prayers and vibes
BTW, it would help to have pics, if possible
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I also send vibes to a good home!!

I have had that happen to me...I was PET sitting a bunny and a guinea pig from someone who needed them to be temporarily housed while she had an apartment inspection (No pets were supposed to be allowed). She ended up just dumping them on me, didn't answer my calls or emails. So I ended up having to rehome them because I couldn't keep them long term.
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