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One pair of my new glasses are ready!!

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Got the call late this afternoon and will pick up tomorrow!!

After 20 years with the "lined" bifocals I am trying the progressive ones.
I have its either a 90 or 6 month guarantee with both pairs that if I do not like them I can (I forgo the extra $ for the progressive lenses)have new lenses made with the regular lined bi-focals.
But like dial up internet these are slowly being phased out (bummer) which would limit my options for lenses.
I want to have a couple days to get used to them before I leave early Monday to drive to my parents for mom's surgery.

The more expensive Transition/progressive bifocals (with Teflon coating)
should be ready in another week.

My astigmatism got a little bit worse so it will be nice to look at everything with new sharply focused lenses vs the really scratched up ones!
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I love getting new glasses! We need to see pictures of the frames

I so need to get my eyes examined and get a new prescription for glasses, but I have been holding off because it's pointless to get an exam right now when I can't afford to buy the glasses

I think I need "Quad focals" if there is any such thing. I don't need glasses for reading, but I need them distance and 2 different distances between far and reading. So I think my glasses will be very expensive
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With the progressive bifocals there seems that there are several choices of the "progressiveness"!! The lady who fits for glasses asks me what I do for a job and hobbies/leisure acitivities so I can get the right ones for me.
A plus for me is that I don't wear my glasses mushed up against my face but down my nose a bit farther than the majority of people. I have a small bump on my nose and that is where they feel the best!! So these frames and having the bifocals will work out very well (so she said) for best fit.
I splurged and got Liz Claiborne frames for this pair as its my inside only pair vs the transition lense pair of glasses which I can wear either in or out. (she said I picked a "bold" frame choice!)
They are both the more rectangular frames though...
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Linda, I know you're half-joking, but I wanted to say: I tried using tri-focals a few years ago, and they drove me crazy. Even though I chose frames with nice big lenses, there still wasn't enough space for all three prescriptions -- I had to angle my head just right and look through these tiny horizontal "slits" to see anything. I can't even imagine what it would be like with four different strengths!
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I got my first pair of bifocals (with progressive lenses) a while back. I really love them! Normally I wear mono-vision contact lenses, one eye for near, one eye for far (I have astigmatism, so bifocal contact lenses weren't an option) which work very well for me. I'm terribly nearsighted (-8.50) so I desperately need my glasses when I take out my contacts. One day, I misplaced my glasses, and didn't want to put in my contacts to go looking for them. I put on my old non-progressive lens (and also non-bifocal) glasses and went searching. I couldn't believe how much I disliked not having the bifocal portion!

I have a feeling you're going to love the progressive lenses. Let us know how it goes!
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something like this...

Well we were waiting for the.. of the new pair...
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