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My dear dog would of been 2 today

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Ok long story short , we got a german shepard puppy , 8 weeks called Ozzy and visited ever week from a newborn.. he came home he settled , and loved our 4 year old minature dachund Janey (who was the boss of him)

Anyway he had a problem with biting people , no aggression , no hackles raised, nothing , once he bit you he would be ur best friend.
Basically it was like he would bite you enough it hurts and some times slightly broke the skin.. we were working on it , muzzles ect..

And one day i was workin in Austria , and got a phone call , my dog had pinned some one bit them (nt enough to cause a load of damage , ripped shirt couple of scratches)
And the vet , dog trainers, another vet , family friends , decided he was to risky to have , police wouldnt take him , and he was put down never got to say goodbye..
Even the vet agreed he could of had a mental issue to make him do that .. but maybe no , he loved children and was scared of our pet rat Keith.
I never got to say goodbye and tonight i cant stop thinking abiout him.. sorry to vent ,
Jess x
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yuck, that is a horrible, horrible situation. i'm so sorry that you never found out the truth.

he is safe from harm and doubt now, playing with all the other rb puppies.
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I'm so sorry you lost your boy. Don't understand how they could just put him down without even informing you!

Question: If he had a biting problem, why wasn't he kept indoors and muzzled when brought out? What kind of situation was he in when he bit that person?
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He was as much as my family dogs and mine so i dont blame them at all.

The sitation was , whilst outside walking he would be fine, and just concentrate on walking , but inside when a 'stranger' came round he would bite them once , some times a little nip some times a bit of blood would be drawn , so just after he done this to a couple of people we were looking for dog training and muzzles for when people came round. Anywho. The muzzle we got was too big then we got another one which was to small so we were waiting for another one to come (it fitted him but not in stock the test one fitted him)

And then one day some one knocked the door , mum locked him the front room as we do .. and he opened are sliding doors to the front room and ran out to the person mum was speaking to .. she tried to stop him but he was big and very powerful german shepard.. and my brother saw ran down and tackled him off the woman..

So due to history of biting people.. and the attack.. ect it was thought best he be put down because he could of done that to a baby or some thing , and i have a young Godson who was 2 at the time (ozzy was 1)..

Jess x
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