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I have never before been so happy to see cat feces and urine!!! Why? We because they were in the LITTER BOX instead of the CARPET!!!!

Today was the frist day my adopted kitten has used her litter box! She pooped in it this morning but I didn't want to get to excited as it could have been a fluke. But, I just went upstairs and there it was again! This time with a little pee thrown in for good measure!

I had little faith but, out of despiration, I bought some of Dr. Elsey's kitten attract litter yesterday. She didn't use it yesterday so I thought it was not going to work and was already thinking about returning in the product. Low and behold today she decides to use it !!!!

I am so proud of my litter girl!!!

A bag of Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract Litter: $12.95
Not having to clean cat urine and feces out of the carpet: PRICELESS!!!
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I know exactly what you mean, but I had an adult adopted male. Let's hear it for Cat Attract and all its versions. I also like the coupon in the booklet - these days any little bit helps!
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yep, it's good stuff. my youngest, Firefox, was a feral kitten from my backyard. she'd poop in her little box, but pee on the floor... i got the KittenAttract - no more floor pee!
added side benefit - found that Chip [adult male] like it so much he stopped taking his occasional 'bed dumps'!
i now use the Litter Attractant in the boxes to keep everyone going where they should!
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Well done KITTY!!!!

Jess x
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