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Do you...?

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Do you give your cats vaccines? I live in a rural area, and many here administer vaccines themselves.

I have had cats and dogs for twenty years, and have taken them to the vet each year for the yearly routine. An annual visit had revealed no problems, so I am thinking that I may be able to provide adequate medical care, without the yearly visits, and save costs, as I want to adopt a few more cats. It is a momma and her two babies.

I am aware of the imporatnace of a blood panel after the age of seven, which I intend to provide for the pets.

What do you think?
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I dont have no great advice , but i to have wondered how good vacs are , i am researching and my opinion is vacs are better for the animal , if i didnt vac *which i am soon with my 4 kittens) they would have several checks like 3 times a year and stuff , i am very tired lol so im a bit confused ..

Other more experienced memebers will know better or have better links to research

Jess x
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I'll move your thread to the health & nutrition forum where it can get the best attention. I must add that the site's policy is to recommend working with a vet in the care of your pets.
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I recommend having a vet do it ... one if you get a bad reaction the animal is already in good hands ... two many facilities( ie boarding , flying and even animal control should one get loose ) will Force you to Revaccinate by a vet thus over vaccinating your pet ...If you happen to be a vet or a vet tech or possibley a skilled rescuer or breeder with a vets guidence then yeah do them yourself... Overall I recommend the trip to the vet many will discount the shots or not charge a exam fee if asked or if you do multiple animals at once...some vets give multi pet discounts or will work with you if you are on a tight budget
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Well our barn cats only got their shots when they were taken in to be neutered/spayed. But I didn't get them yearly shots.

My inside kitties get yearly shots as I do show cats.
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