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Need UTI good food ideas

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ive got a kitty who has struvite crystals. I know the vet is goign to put the kiki on science diet. I hate this as I know its nothing even good...

what is out there???

I need a good run down of choices so I can choose. Yes she eats raw but I need kibble too.

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I don't like any SD. We are using Royal Canin for Urinary for Charlie (and Ling). Its worked well for us. We also get Max Cat, Iams Beef and Natural Balance in the canned foods.

Charlie has not had another UTI since his first one last November.
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Hello! Long time no talk.

I thought you had Persians???

Whats your website?
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Also lots of water, lots of wet food, no seafood and possibly add some cranberry powder to food to help acidify urine (struvite crystals come from alkaline urine)
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Yes we have been feeding soft food on top the kibble every day. i have even wet the kibble down too.

I will check into the supplement as that sounds like a good addition.

Im looking at fastrack probiotics too as i want my kiki healthy.
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make sure to use the right probiotics for kittys ( yes many humans will work but others could cause issues) ....

RX wise I prefer Royal canin for dry ... and purina for wet but it is up to Kikis taste

OTC foods ask the vet about Purina pro plan and one and Max cat

wet foods are much easier to find
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Coco is on dry C/D but I asked the vet what else I can use and the gave me a few choices.
We use wet Royal Canin Urinary also now.
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I've always been against SD, but I have to say that Lexi has not had another UTI since being on SD c/d. There are a few other options, but I wouldn't throw it out the window completely.
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I use the following supplement, and have had great success. We have a good quality food, 70% wet, no fish, and take one of these a day. Been using them for over two years, have solved all the problems. You want to get ph sticks as well. Phion online is where I got mine.
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Thank you everyone for the tips. It seems that RC is a overall well liked food. I know my kiki's all love whatever soft food I'll give them. lol Thank goodness for Non-picky kiki's.

The vet said not to give soft food while she is on the SD c/d. Any thoughts on that?
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My Coco is on dry C/D and Wet Royal Canin Urinary wet so I do not understand why the vet will not let you feed wet also. Cocos son Midnight has been wet and dry since his last problem over two years ago and he hasnt had a problem since. I am going to ask my vet if I can switch to Royal Canin Urinary dry instead of the dry C/D. Coco had S/D for about 1.5 months when she had bladder stones three years ago then was switched to C/D. The stones never came back but the crystals did. How long has your cat had bladder problems? Coco has for three years and once in 2001 when she almost died. Her las one was May-July all because of a Depo Shot. I hope you cat feels better and never gets the problem again. I tried taking Coco off the food but her problem came back everytime.
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Since its known that them drinking more water is important, I'm confused why feeding soft wouldnt be encouraged too.
She has had problems for a few years with urinary problems. We just made sure to feed soft food with the kibble. However it has gotten worse so we need to switch and Keep her from getting sick.
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Many vets do now encourage soft food for UTI issues
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Yep yep thats what I thought too.
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Have you tried a urinary acidifier such as Methigel? I give it to my cat Franklin twice a day (1/2 teaspoon per dose). I also feed Hills c/d dry free range, along with Hills i/d canned (because of IBD in another cat).

Franklin, years ago, had 100% crystal blockage, which took a week stay in the vet to clear up (let alone save his life). He hasn't had blockage since, but has been prone to UTIs. The above has kept everything in check.
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Where would you get this methigel?

I did buy the cranberry powder and am actually feeding it to all the cats in their soft food. I think we have another problem but I'm watching it closely. We are still mixing our kiki's food from the old to the new... I think she's eating the old and leaving the new stuff. Ugh... Ive never seen her be picky and hope she will eat it. Im hoping she just didnt eat it b/c she was full. One can hope anyway.

Its so funny every morning I mix up their soft food and its MEOW MEOW MEOW with kiki's going crazy. lol
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I wanted to come in and give an update since my kiki has been on the C/D since September.

I was very hesitant about this food as I"m not a fan of SD. I put all the inside cats on this food. I have seen great improvement in ALL my cats and Sanura only is in the toilet when she needs to go now. She has also lost some weight!!! She was a plus size girl and she's slowly going down.

So the consensus is that Yes sd C/D was the answer for my kiki's.
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