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Slipped Disk

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Our 11 month old stud cat has a slipped disk. I have never heard of this in a cat before. He is very clumsy and falls a lot. I never had a cat fall as much as him. I am wondering if there is more to it genetic, ect. We are going in for x rays on Thursday and see a specialist. For those of you who know about the spine he is having trouble at T13, L1, C5 on the right and T13, L1 post left.

I have been told of saddle thrombosis(SP?) way back in his line.

The breeder told me not to worry he will be fine. But how can I not worry I don't want him in pain.

So my question is can anyone tall me about slipped disks in cats is this treatable?

I was told I my have to have surgery for him and there is not way to tell if it will even help. Also was told I may have to put him down if the surgery does not work.

Is there anything I should ask the vet? I am a mess about all of this.
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See if you can find a choropractor for pets in your area. I have bulging discs in my lower back and the pain has been mostly at bay for nearly a year now. I do go in for weekly adjustments, but it is so worth it.
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Thank you! We took him to one over the weekend and he seems to be doing better. Do you think he might breed or should he be retired? I paid $2000 for him and I don't want him in pain but I don't want to lose $2000. I am not sure if this is covered in the contract my thoughts are no.
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I would have him adjusted for about 6 months. If he feels up to breeding I would let him as that "exersize" could help strengthen his muscles. Find out what the chiropractor thinks first. A back injury is nothing to sneeze at. I hope he feels better soon.
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He is active right now and acting like he wants to breed. Spraying up his room. LOL What fun!

I am just not sure if it is in his best intrest to breed ever again. That is if genetic issues can be ruled out. I will see what the doc says and go from there. I just want him to be better. Once again thank you!
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Just wanted to let you know he is fine! We did x rays and vet said he is gong to be just fine. I am so happy!
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Glad to hear it!
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So glad things worked out!
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If you bought him from a reputable breeder who was aware that there was a history of disk problems in his pedigree, then the words "reputable breeder" are an oxymoron! Reputable breeders don't breed animals with a history of serious faults. I would ask for my money back, rather than do the same thing to one of your prospective buyers. He should not have been sold as a pick of the litter. Check your contract.

By the way, although some people put great faith in chiropractors, and they seem to help some conditions, they don't have half the education that MDs and DVM have., (Teresa, no disrespect intended!) My nephew is a chiropractor. He earned his "doctorate" in three years. Three years of education won't earn a bachelor's degree in most fields. An MD requires four years in pre-med alone, plus medical school, plus an internship and residency. Whom would you trust more? My nephew barely made it through high school, so I look at the title "Doctor" a little differently than most people. By the way, his wife has a serious back problem, so he's is taking her to an MD, even though he has put them down for years.
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Nicole, i hope and pray for your kitty's speedy recover!

Nicole, could you kindly share what the sypmtoms of a kitty having slipped discs? It is just for my general knowledge.



"You learn something everyday."
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