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Don't know if samson will make it -- very scared

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Dear All,

Samson is at the vets. The vet said he was going to give him a shot to rehydrate him, he has been put on an IV and will have to stay at the vets at least for the weekend.

He is very sick and he could die I am so scared I am going to lose him. It turns out he has hepatitis feline pancreatis. This was discovered by an ultrasound. This means that the fluids in the pancreas aren't coming out as they should and instead of functioning within the pancreas, it is doing so out of the pancreas. This can potentially lead to massive organ break down.

I'm trying hard to stay positive, Samson has a strong will and I believe in my heart that as soon as he feels better again, he *will* eat ... but I can't help but be scared. If Samson starts to eat again he has a good chance of making it, if not ....

I have been praying and praying and begging Our Dear Lord to save him, please send him some prayers and good vibes, he desperately needs it.
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I'm so sorry Samson is having such problems. Samson will most definitely be in my prayers and you will be also. Please keep us updated.

Prayers and
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Healing vibes for you and Samson no matter what the final outcome.
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Prayers for you and Samson.
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Thank you.

He if starts to eat again, his changes will increase.
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I will be thinking positive thoughts for you and your kitty.
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Sweetie, I'm so sorry you and Samson are going thru this. Got my fingers crossed that your baby improves soon.
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I am so sorry you are. You are both in my prayers.
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Sending and Prayers for you and Samson
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Prayers and vibes to your little ones
Jess x
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Prayers for hom to get better.
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Healing vibes for Samson
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good luck
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Thinking of you and Samson!
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Dear All,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers and good wishes Samson and I are both very thankful for your support and help.

Well just to let you all know, I went to see him today and thankfully he is doing much better. His coat looked better and he wasn''t so gaunt. His eyes were bright, he was alert and active and glad to see me

The vet has been injecting him with an antibiotic and feeding him intravenously.

But he's still not out of the woods as he still not eating on own yet. But I have very high hopes now that once the antibiotics kick in he will do much better. The vet told me about 72 hours to start getting results

I am going to visit him again tomorrow and I will let you know of his progress.

Thank you all again for your prayers, thoughts and good vibes, it is wonderful to have friends like all of you.

With much gratitude,
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That is wonderful news. I'll include you both in my prayers tonight.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
That is wonderful news. I'll include you both in my prayers tonight.
he's probably feeling better because of the IV nutrients & fluids.
& for you & Samson...
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Good news so far! I'm hoping for the best for you and kitty!
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I was told Coco didnt have a chance when she was 9 and she is 16 now.
Prayers for your cat to keep getting better.
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Many prayers and for Samson, and for you. Please keep us updated!
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I'm happy to hear that he's doing so much better.
Still sending and Prayers for a complete recovery and that he's soon back home with you
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Hope Samson continues to improve. Sending (((big hugs))) to you, and a gentle head-skritch to your boy.
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Good vibes to you and a gentle nuzzle to lil fighter Samson!!
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adding tons more healing for your precious boy.
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