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Trying Again!

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Today I go back to the HSC for the balance of my work trial training and perhaps to even get some actual working in.

I had gone on Tuesday and was supposed to finish at 3pm, but after a 1/2 hour of orientation to Volunteer Services (who is keeping track of our hours), we were sent for coffee for 90 minutes and then told to go home and come back on Friday!

I called the computer department yesterday morning to make sure we were on today and that we weren't going to be cancelled again after 1/2 an hour, otherwise I would have just stayed home. The guy said "we're good to go." Let's just say that we better be because otherwise he's going to find himself very lucky to be so close to an ER!

As for that clingy person. I decided that honesty is the best policy and instead of trying to sneak off and get away from her I'm simply going to tell her "I'll meet you back here after lunch." If she asks where I'm going, I'm simply going to tell her that I want some solitude to eat and read. If her feelings get hurt I'm not going to let it bother me because I'm not responsible for her feelings; their her feelings and she can choose to feel anyway she wants. And if she wants to feel slighted or hurt because I want to read during my lunch, well....
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Do you not like mixing with people much Linda?.
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Good luck with the training today. Hopefully it goes better than earlier in the week.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Do you not like mixing with people much Linda?.
It depends on the day and the people I'm mixing with. Sometimes I like sitting and chatting while having my lunch, and at other times I'd much rather be off on my own browsing the gift shop or sitting and eating while reading. When I was working I usually sat and ate lunch with the people I was working with, and sometimes I'd let them drift off into conversation between themselves while I browsed the paper or read a book.

But I've always enjoyed "me" time ever since I was a little girl. I didn't mind playing with other kids, but I much preferred to be off on my own playing with my dolls or helping my Mom with things in the kitchen.

I know lots of people who feel lonely living alone or when they are by themselves. I don't think I've ever felt lonely or bored because I actually enjoy my own company! And can always entertain myself with my thoughts or writing, crafting, reading etc.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I know lots of people who feel lonely living alone or when they are by themselves. I've never felt lonely because I actually enjoy my own company! And can always entertain myself with my thoughts or writing, crafting, reading, crafting etc.
I can so relate to that!. I love my quality time, especially in my own house, but i do love to socialise I know a few people who hate being on their own and their stuck in an unhappy relationship just for that reason
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Lots of luck today and I do hope things go a bit smoother then your last session
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Well, I'm home!! And none too soon either, because my back is killing me.

I am so ticked off with Handi Transit. I told them I needed to be at the hospital for 8:45 for work. Work and school are #1 priorities. I was to be picked up at 8:10 but he was about 5 minutes late, which was ok. I still had lots of time.

He had 2 other people to pick up after me. The first one was way across town in the opposite direction to where I was needing to go. It took him almost 20 minutes to get there. I think he is a really new driver. Not just with Handi Transit but with driving period. He had an automatic car where the D, R, N were on the console instead of the steering wheel and he couldn't figure out how to go from D to R or P to R etc.

By the time he managed to get back to my end of town where he was supposed to pick up the 3rd person (she lived 7 blocks from me!!), it was 8:55. This 3rd person and I were going to the same place.

By the time he dropped us off it was 9:15 and I was 15 minutes late for work, and a 1/2 hour later than the time I should have been dropped off.\\

I got there and signed in and went to Medical Records where we were going to have the rest of our training. I don't know why I even bothered because he had to spend so much time helping Jaclyn that I was left on my own to fuddle through, which I didn't at all appreciate considering that was my first hands on day with the computer program because the computer I was given last week didn't work so I had to just watch. I managed ok though. I did manage to get his attention a couple of times for a couple things, and one he just ignored me so I just fiddled until I managed to figure it out on my own.

We broke for lunch at noon. We can't leave the laptops in the medical records because they will be stolen, so we had to pack them up like we were leaving for the day and carry it around with us while we went for lunch. Anyone who has ever carried a laptop, adapter and mouse in a large, hard nylon carrying case knows that those things are not exactly light, and they are very awkward.

I had to show Jaclyn where volunteer services and the locker room was again even though she had been there several times with me on Tuesday, but she couldn't remember where it was today

I went back to the locker to get my lunch, but by the time I got there my back was killing me from carrying that laptop, so I decided that I was just going to sit at a little table by the main floor coffee bar to eat because it wasn't far from the lockers. I shared a table with a hospital staff member and we had a nice time chatting Jacyln joined us for about 15 minutes for her coffee break.

When I got back to the Medical Records area, Jaclyn was all in a flap because she couldn't figure out how to get back the patient information that she was working on. I tried to help her and managed to get her back to where she was, but she was so totally and completely lost and couldn't remember what she had been doing 20 minutes ago, and she was clicking buttons randomly and ending up in places that she had never seen before. I would get her back to where she was again, but she was in such a high anxiety state that she just wasn't absorbing anything. I told her to wait for Serge to come back (he was due any minute), and to just read through her patient's chart looking for information like medications, tests, family history etc that she knows she will need to enter into the computer. At one piont she put her head into her hands and started crying.

Honestly I can't imagine her getting back into nursing. She doesn't cope very well at all. I tried telling her that this is only our first day and that we're still learning the program and where the relevant stuff is in the chart that we need to look for. That didn't seem to make a lick of difference.

Anyway, the doctor whose patients' charts we are working on showed up, and she was trying to help Jaclyn and then Serge showed up. Again, I was sitting right there and completely left to my own devices because now instead of 1 person helping her, 2 people were. I did manage to catch the doctor's attention once to ask where I find a certain piece of information that she wants, in the chart, but that was it.

I also figured out a way to get my solitude at lunch. Those computers are awkward and it's a PITA to pack and unpack it for coffee breaks and lunch breaks, and lug it around. And my back won't tolerate lugging it around, so I suggested staggered breaks. Since Jaclyn is only working 4 hours and I'm working full days, I suggested that she take her coffee break around 11am, and I'll be in the records room watching her computer. Then I'll go for lunch at noon while she stays in the records room to work and watch my computer. That way we are only unpacking and packing once instead of 2 or 3 times.

I caught onto the program quite well and the doctor and the computer guy asked me if I can assist in the training of the 2 girls that haven't started yet and to help Jaclyn along.

I did a no-no today though. After I walked across the hospital to return the computer and got back to the locker, I realized I still had the USB port in my hand I tried to walk back, but I didn't get very far. My back was giving out on me and I decided to just bring the USB port home and take it back on Monday.

So it started off bad with Handi Transit, but the rest of the day went not too bad. I think I'm actually going to like it.

On Monday I am only doing 4 hours though because I have a meeting about my back to work program at the hospital I work at.
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Sounds like all in all it wasn't too bad a day!

That's great they asked you to help out - you must have done well, and have the right sort of attitude!
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Glad to hear the day turned out better then it started...
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Well it ended up to be an okay sort of day even though it didn't start well with the transportation.
Hope your back feels better and you have a good weekend to recuperate!
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