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Ruined couch

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We still have yet to find the extra money to get our female cat fixed. I've heard this will curb her desire to urinate all over our house. First it was the bed... Then it was any sweatshirt she could find anywhere. Now it's our couch... She has urinated on parts of my couch that I can't remove for cleaning (and on parts that I can).

The only reason this cat is still in my house is that it is my fiance's cat... Outside of that, I have come to a point where I feel there is no redeemable quality left to this cat.

If anyone has any suggestions about the best way to somehow clean my now urine covered couch, please tell me. From my best guess the only way is to remove all of the upholstry on that side of the couch, clean it and all the stuffing, and then sew it back in place... though that seems like a mighty intense thing to have to undertake. So I'm hoping there is another way.
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The first thing is that it may not only be that she's doing it because of hormones, but there may be a problem brewing with her urinary tract. Either of those reasons, she needs to see a vet and get spayed. You should check into some local low cost programs for cats
I would try ordering Nok-Out. It's a great odor eliminator. It works on EVERYTHING. You can find it at www.nok-out.com
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usually don't mark their territory with urine. I think a visit to the vet is in order. There are many products on the market that will get urine out of furniture. You will need to get all the urine out so look at the couch with a black light after dark and the urine will show up. Also make sure her litter box is cleaned out daily and washed out weekly. Some kitties are very sensitive to smell and won't use a dirty box.
I hope this helps!
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I know exactly what you are going through! Tiki did this for the first 5 months I had her. She was not spayed yet when I adopted her and she started peeing on my bed everyday. Then she started peeing on the couch, on my bed and on my brothers bed. I took her in to the Vet because we thought she had a UTI, but she was fine. After posted a million times here, I've found that she is just one picky little girl! She needed more litter boxes (you should have 2 per cat..one to pee and one to poop) and she didn't like the litter I was using. Since I've added a couple more boxes through out the house and changed the litter, we have not had a single problem.
I would take her to the Vet and see if she's got an infection...if she doesn't, try adding another box. It may be that simple!
Good luck and hope this helps you!
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Please click here to learn many remedies to this problem behavior. You will find at the top of the thread and throughout the thread the need to have the cat tested for urinary tract problems. Inappropriate urination is the number one symptom of urinary tract infections!
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I would say first of all get her spayed, my female cat did that until she was spayed. As for the furniture, Im not sure. My cat did that on a sofa that we had too and would go back to the same spot, I just got rid of it and got a new one and she hasnt been interested in this one. Also I would make sure the litter box is very clean. Mine hate to use a nasty litter box. I noticed at Petsmart they have a thing, I think its called Feliway or something like that that may help with this kind of situation. I think getting her spayed will help alot though.
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Natures Miracle and a black light to be sure you get out all of the stains. Natures Miracle is available either through the internet or in a good pet retail outlet.

Is your couch leather by chance?
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Hey Shell! I got a giggle from your post above--about 2 litter boxes. My (Prissy white little kitty) Missy, has designated a litter box for #1 and a litter box for # 2 I thought she was just weird!!! AND she makes SURE that Spike complies with her wishes--or she bugs the heck out of him!! haha
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