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For Better or For Worse...

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So, is anyone else sad to see that Lynn Johnston has brought this comic to an end?
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From what I read on Sunday's paper I thought she was still going to incorporate some new material??
That is one comic I do read everyday-its a mimi soap opera!
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I watch a interview they did with her on the local North Bay cable station a few weeks ago..She is going into semi-retirement and will be putting out a few stripes a year but that's about it.
She has a home on Lake Nippising which is about 2 hours away from where I live. Her reasons behind the retirement were that she had been doing the stripe for over 30 years and it was time to relax and do as she put it some senior citizen things like hanging out with her grandkids..
I will miss her stripe as well it was one of my favorites....
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Yes, I for one will be sad when her strip stops. It was one of my favorites. My sister heard that she is getting or has gotten divorced, does anyone know if that's true? Not wanting to gossip, just curious.
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This comic strip seems to be a great favourite of many folks. There was an article in the Toronto Star newspaper this past weekend and my understanding is that although she is "retiring", they will be starting her comic strip from the very beginning again with changes that she will make to reflect a more modern/current way of thinking. I cannot recall off the top of my head what some of the changes were going to be but they did mention a couple things and how it would be altered to reflect the times we are living in now.

Unfortunately she and her husband broke up so I'm sure this has had a fairly devastating effect on her and she probably needs the time to heal.
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I'm really sad to see the story line end, but the strip itself isn't ending. She's starting from the beginning and so far it's great! If you go to the website there are lots of articles in the news section on there about the changes and whats gone on in her life. www.fbofw.com I can't blame her for wanting it to end or should I say be simplified, but I've grown up with this strip so it's sad too.
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