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Peeing in the bed.

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Hello everyone!
I have two wonderful kittens- they are loving, playful, absolutely problem-free cats- except one really likes to pee in bed. First time it happened, I cleaned everything really good to make sure there is no traces of smell, but it happened again and I start shutting doors in all bedrooms. He doesn't pee anywhere else, but beds ( and litter box of course) - I did search on this forum but could not find solution- any help would be really appreciated. I can not keep doors shut forever! But as soon as I open the bedroom door- he RUNS into the room, jumps on bed and squats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, help!!!!!
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Please get kitty to the vet ... he likely has a UTI
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Yeah, I definitely agree with Sharky. My cat, Buster, peed on the bed several weeks ago. Even does he has a history of elimination issues, he never dared pee on the bed because he likes to sleep there sometimes. Therefore, I knew something was going on. When blood appeared in his urine two days later, I took him to the vet for a lab work-up. The results indicated that he suffered from a bladder infection. Fortunately, a ten day regimen of Clamavox cleared his infection.
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If a UTI is ruled out he may need retraining. Also see http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9563
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I had this issue just days ago but I couldn't figure out which of my 2 cats was the "culprit", so I took them both to the vet and he put them on something called Clinsol which is a liquid antibiotic. I've kept the door closed in the bedroom and put a baby gate in front of it (as one of them knows how to open the door), and so far everything seems to be going well. I'm keeping the gate up until they finish the medicine though.

Definitely get your kitty checked out just to make sure everything is medically okay!
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