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So... I'm a little sad...

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Make that a lot sad.

My cute little kitten, for those of you who haven't read any of my other posts I just adopted a kitten from the vet. I've had her for about 48 hours now. Yesterday the vet called and said they made a horrible mistake and that they shouldn't have given her out. I know that a vet technician wanted her, but he couldn't adopt her for awhile and said it was okay. Or so the technician on duty said he said when she called him.

Anyways... We also found out that our roommate for the spring is deathly allergic to cats... So we figure it's for the best... I was just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation or known someone who has and has words of comfort and advice...

I feel like such an irresponsible person, and even though I've only had her for 48 hours I feel so attached.
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Oh, that's so sad. Of course you are disappointed and sad. I'm sure she's a very cute and loveable kitten - I mean, what kitten isn't?

I've never had that happen, but you will be grieving for a while. Is there any way to keep in touch with the vet tech or whoever ends up adopting her? At least then you could feel involved still and see that she's in good hands.
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I'm so sorry, I've never had anything like that happen before but I imagin it's feels just awful. But at least the kitten is going to a vet tech who will take care of her and I'm sure you'll be able to call and just say hey how's she doin. I can understand how you got so attached so fast I'm the same way just let me get one good look a them and I'm in love. lol I attach quicker to animals faster than people lol.
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Oh that's so sad! I can't imagine how horrible you're feeling right now. Its definitely possible to fall deeply in love and be attached to a little kitten within 4 hours, let alone 48 hours. I think the irresponsible one was the vet tech who said you could have the kitten without checking first. I'm so sorry you have to give you baby up Don't worry, the right one will come along, and yeah, like everyone else said, you can always ask her owner how she's doing.
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We only had the little stray kitten in our bathroom overnight, and Dottie fell in love with him, so I can imagine how you feel.
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I've had a little kitten in my bathroom since Thursday night, and he might be staying with us another day... but ultimately taken to a cat shelter

It makes me sad, because I want to keep him, but we don't have enough money to take him to the vet to get checked out and vaccinated.
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