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Attacking bites

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I just got a kitten about 2 weeks ago. She is very cute but she has this thing where she looks at your hand or any part of your body that moves, she stares at it for a few seconds and out of no where jumps on it and bites it, and not just playing around, she bites hard and grabs you with both her hands. I am not sure if she thinks i am playing with her or what. When i say no and put my finger out at her, she thinks i am playing with her again and attacks my finger. She even drew blood once when she did this.. She mostly does this when she is hyper and running around the house, but also when she is calm, out of no where, when she focuses on something u can tell she is going to pounce on it and bite it... not sure what do to,.. is this normal?

Also she has been licking me and my boyfriends clothing, when she is licking us she also opens her paws and closes it.. what is that? do all cats do that?
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Two different things going on here...the attacking behavior is typical of kittens, and most momma cats teach their babies that this is unacceptable. Therefore, kittens that leave their mother before 12 - 14 weeks often do this. You can hopefully remedy this by tapping her nose with your finger (not flicking, just tapping) and saying "no" sternly. Otherwise she will continue to do it and most likely "graduate" to attacking your feet when you walk!

The opening and closing of the paws is because the kittens will knead their mothers when nursing to make the milk flow. So usually any time they feel comfortable or happy they will do that. Especially right before lying down and cuddling with you!
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