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Please help me...

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I am beyond devastation right now. I am going away tomorrow for almost 2 weeks and I took my cat to my mothers house. He has lived there for about 4 months prior to our current home. The only difference (which is big is they bought a new dog. They now have 3. Well, i brought my cat upstairs and then I brought their dog, a yorkie, up who he lived with for about 4 years and she growled at him, he growled back and then he started to attack me. He nose started getting red, he was breathing heavy. SO I packed his stuff and brought him home. He seems to be ok, but not great. He is typically a really loving and amazing cat. I feel like the worst owner. Will he get over it? Will he be OK? An when I come back from my vacation will he remember me? Please help me out. I am in hysterics over this. Thank you.

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The first thing you have to do is calm down. Your cat will feel more stressed because you are upset too.
The new scents from the changes in your mom's house are probably the cause your cat behaved the way he did. He even senses your coming departure.
As for your question about remembering you when you get back. He certainly will but don't be surprised if he acts a bit snobbish towards you. You will smell different and it will take time for him to sort out the "new" you.
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Yes he will get over it and remember you. Few cats can be taken out of their home and socialize in another household with strange pets in a few hours. Even if your cat has been there before, its not frequent enough to be familar with things and sounds like a normal reaction.

I would have let the cat adjust on his own and have kept him in the room by himself instead of bringing in the dog, that your cat did not remember.

Are you having someone come to your house to feed and take care of him while you are gone?
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If he's in his own home now and everything remains quiet, in time he will calm down. I kind of had the same thing in reverse, my husband passed away very quickly, I put the house up for sale, and my four cats at the time, were always in hiding because there would be strangers coming in and out all day. It was a traumatic experience for them especially for 2 of them I just got them they were strays from a feral mother, I thought they would never trust me again. Because me and my husband lived a pretty quiet life. They weren't use to all this. I had to feed them where they were under the bed. I was at my wits end also. I decided not to sell, but it took a while for the cats to feel comfortable coming out of hiding. They were back to normal in a couple of weeks. Good luck.
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