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Smudgey got out!!!

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OMG!!!!! I just got back from trying to trap some kittens, and saw my neighbours black cat. I said hello to her, and she followed me to my front door (we're in a townhouse complex, and our doors are side by side). I realised there was another black cat sitting on their front doorstep!

I got closer and realised it was SMUDGE!!!

Smudge is always interested in going outside, but isn't actually allowed. I've always worried that if she got out, she wouldn't know how to get back.

She doesn't like my neighbours cat, but she just hunched down and was looking freaked out. I grabbed her, and brought her inside.

Poor baby was very scared. I went upstairs to ask DH how she got out, and she raced after me, leaped onto the bed, and snuggled with us for a bit. Poor thing was very pleased to be inside!

Turns out a florist got here about 20 minutes before I got home, so she must have snuck out when DH was signing the paperwork for the flowers.

Hopefully the little muffin won't go charging out now!
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OMG! Poor little Smudge! I'm so glad that she didn't wander far.
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OMG! How terrifying! Thankfully Smudge hunkered down and waited for you to come home!
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Hopefully she's learned her lesson about the big, bad outdoors and hasn't just developed a taste for danger
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Reading about Smudge getting out like that made my stomach flip

Luckily i have a porch, so i always shut the livingroom door before answering the front door.
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Little Miss Smudge is learning her lesson I think. I think she probably raced out and thought ha ha I am free I am free! Then the door closed and she realized Uh oh.
I doubt she will want to go out for awhile.
Bad girl Smudgey for scaring your mother like that.
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Oh Benson and Jinxy done that when they were about.. 9 weeks and 10 weeks. got out in the drive.. one under each car.. luckily they are wingers so we shut the front door kept watch and they both came to the door crying so we let them in..

Bad smudge.. be good for ur poor mum
Jess x
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I know your panic. Right after we got Carly, we had someone over to give an estimate on painting the house. DH and the contractor were outside and I was going out the front door to join them. I saw this brown tabby running up the driveway. I realized that it was Carly and was so relieved that she came back into the house. I'm glad she felt like this was home because we had only had her a couple of weeks.
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