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Fleas! Fleas! Fleas!

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I am going insane!! Just as I thought I had gotten rid of them all the chirlden are infected! It all started 2 weeks ago when I noticed them on my pup we got her on Front Line and treated Flower too. I had thought they were all gone and then we found this kitten who had a few and now there back on the pup and Flower!! Does anyone know any non-chemical ways to get rid of them? I vaccume every day and wash all the bedding and all the pets bedding everyday! I really don't want to resort to chemicals I just cant believe that it will not harm my pet or me. Plus with being pregnant I really do not want to go about spraying chemicals arround the house! If any one know anything I can do please share! Thanks!!
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Vaccuuming won't get rid of them if they are in your carpets. It won't get all the eggs that may be laid by now. There are treatments you can put on your carpets and vaccuum (I hate that word...I never know how to spell it), that will help kill them, but you may actually have to bug bomb your house. Just because your animals don't have them on their body doesn't mean they haven't jumped off and and are living in your couch or carpet.

I've never had a major animal flea problem (knock on wood), but in my old house I did have a sand flea problem that was almost as bad. Actually worse for us because they bit us instead of the animals. I bug bombed the place and it was fine after that. It was an all day affair though. Not sure if that is safe if you are pregnant though. You and the animals DO have to be out of the house of course, and everything has to be cleaned down afterwards.

Maybe call your local vet and see what he suggests?

Does anyone else have any suggestions?
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Diatomaceous Earth! It's completely natural and safe, even to ingest, to us and animals. It's mechanical not chemical. Here's a link that explains it very well.


http://www.dirtworks.net/Diatomaceous-Earth.html (they are very expensive though)

You can also buy direct from Perma-Guard.

Just make certain you get the Fossil Shell Grade which is safe for us and animals to eat. You *can* use the D-20 Pet & Animal one which is still safe to rub in their coats, but it is not meant for ingestion. This one is a lot more expensive, but also recommended only if you have a major infestation.

And even if you do have a major infestation, you can still use the Fossil Shell, it *will* work, but it will take a little bit longer.

If you get some, you will need a container to store it in and you can buy one at Wal-Mart.

The DE looks likes a powder, almost like flour so yes it can be messy, but it is well worth it. It's also important to wear a mask and goggles when treating your house and to keep the pets away until it has settled. It's just that it's not recommended to breathe it in, just like you wouldn't want to breathe in baby powder etc.

Also keep in mind that it's almost impossible to get rid of fleas 100%. There are always going to be some that get inside the house just by us going in and out. They can jump on your socks. They live outside in the earth, and gardens, and grass. Here's a link on fleas, their life cycle, etc.

But with the DE you can treat your house more than once safely, and you can lightly rub some in your pets coats.

If you have a very bad infestation now and don't want to wait the 7 - 10 days it will take to receive it, I would go to my vet and ask for a prescription to get some advantage. You can get a pkg with 4 doses for $50 until the earth comes in and that will start to kill the fleas etc. within 10 mins.

Vacuuming is good! Depending on how good your vacuum is, it can help to suck up the cocoons in the carpet. But you need to empty the bag or container outside right after.
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I'm with you! Seamus and Freddy both have fleas, though *knock on wood* the house isn't bad. My friend's house is infested and Freddy was found in a warehouse, so that's how I'm thinking they got here.

We all went to the vet today. The vet gave the boys a pill called Capstar, and within a few hours, we saw a bunch of dead ones on Seamus's pillow. That was 9am, it's 5pm, they aren't scratching nearly as much, in fact I haven't seen them scratch at all past hour or so. We were also told to vacuum, use a furniture spray, etc. The pill only kills the live fleas on their bodies, so there will be bathtime tonight (NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO SEAMUS! Freddy is little enough, Seamus a fighter)

They suggested buying a flea collar, cutting it up, and putting it in the bag/container of the vacuum cleaner to kill what gets vacuumed up, so we're doing that as well.

We will be using Advantage on Seamus at the end of the month, Freddy is only 6 weeks old at this point so we'll have to wait for him. In a pinch stupid me used Hartz brand preventative spot on and we have to wait for that to wear.

Good luck with getting rid of your fleas.
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The only thing with Capstar is that you have to give them one every day.
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My goodness - do NOT give them Capstar every day!

There are so many threads here about fleas and getting rid of them, please do a search and you'll find plenty of information.

Don't give your cats any flea treatments or meds without discussing it with your vet. Too many cats have died because of overtreatment or over the counter products that have been harmful.
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