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OMG- Litter box odor:!!

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OK so I have a persian kitten and I've been feeding him Royal Canine for kittens and Wellness togheter, but I have a big problem every time my poor kitty go and use the litter box the smell of his poop is so strong that actually contaminate the entire room where the litter box is,is their poop really that strong or is there a product I can use to eliminate the smell because is to much, I use Feline Pine and I really don't know if that is what is causing or helping out with the smell can someone please help me with advice thanks!!!
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I have found that Feline Pine does nothing for poop smells at all. The pellets are so big that the cat can't even cover up the poop- especially with the tiny amount the bag says to put in the box! To tell you the truth, I think the whole house smells like an uncleaned barnyard with Feline Pine but some folks swear by it so maybe it's just the cats I know.

Maybe a smaller grained litter like Swheat Scoop, World's Best, or even the clumping version of Feline Pine will work better for you. Kitty can cover up the poops better.

Sometimes switching foods can help too but I will leave the food issues to folks who know more about that.
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I think kitten poop is way more *toxic* than adult cat poop

I remember when my kittens first arrived I thought I was going to die. I could smell it clear at the other end of the house.

it gets better
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Gotta love our kitties eh.
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I use bob martins , litter scenter i think it called 76p form walmart (Asdas) and so far its seemed to work , and 4 kitties use that litter tray (the most popular one in there eyes) and its not put them off using it either , a small amount makes it nice
Jess x
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we use a whole can of lysol on pepe's poop lol every 2 weeks we need to get a new can lol
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Wellness may be too rich for her, just stick with the Royal Canin and I bet it's not as bad.
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Originally Posted by Mer636 View Post
we use a whole can of lysol on pepe's poop lol every 2 weeks we need to get a new can lol
Please do not spray Lysol in the litterbox. It can be toxic to your cats.

As for the smell, it could be the food and the way your cat's body processes it but it could also be partially due to the type of litter you use.

Since I changed our cats over to better food they do not poo as much (since they don't need to eat as much quality food as they do the lesser quality) and it doesn't smell as badly as before. I also use the Multicat formula of World's Best Cat Litter and make sure it is fairly deep in the box. I add about 3-4 cups every 4 or 5 days and only change out the whole litter box approximately every 6 weeks and even then there is no really bad odour comiing from the box. When I take the lid off the box to scoop there really is next to no odour. I have asked trusted people to be honest and tell me if they can smell anything in our house and they say they cannot so I believe them. Naturally if either of them has just used the litter there will be an odour for a couple minutes - somewhat like our human bathroom would be after we just finished.
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Thanks for de recs i would keep them in m ind !!!
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My adult girl's poo for some reason never smelled much, no matter the food, and she's a good coverer. My boy though! First he doesn't always cover, and, until I tried Nutro, his poo could wake me from a sound sleep. For some reason he seems to be doing much better on Nutro, with only an odor (and much less at that) immediately after a poo. I'd look at food as well as litter. They all process food differently, so who knows!
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