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cat pee in carpet

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does anyone know any tricks to get the cat pee smell out of carpet. it's and old spot, but smells. and we are in a rental and will be leaving the house in a few months, so i need to get the smell out. i tried something called nature's wonder i think from petsmart it was in a red and white spray bottle. and i've also tried this stuff called out from walmart. anyone have any ideas or tricks for me to try?
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Maybe you could try using vinegar.
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2 cups hydrogen peroxide
2 teaspoons baking soda
2 drops liquid dish soap

Combine and pour on the stain, saturating it. Allow it to dry slowly without blotting for 24 hours. Then blot and allow it to dry the rest of the way. Can be repeated.

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Nature's Miracle (that's probably what you have) works well for me. But if its an older stain/spot, you may need to really soak it good with the NM overnight and keep using it a few times.
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I bought a refill bottle of enzyme cleaner, and a small watering can...and soaked the spots from my dog a few times (not sopping, just throughly and deeply) and they are finally gone, smell and all (and there were several...long story... ). Thankfully, I haven't had to do that with the cats on wall to wall, but it usually takes several applications on area rugs for it to totally go away too. If there is a spot, and not just a smell, Woolite Oxiclean does wonders on spots (and I have light blue carpet).

(Btw, hi semperfiohana- it's Andee - welcome! )
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