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Do you talk to your cat in a different tone of voice?

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I was just wondering, am I the only one who typically talks to their cat in a different tone of voice than normal? I normally talk in a higher tone of voice, i.e., "What you doin' kitty witttttteeeeee???' when he walks into a room.....something to that effect?

Please tell me I am not as strange as I sound!
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Yes, I use a higher pitched voice when talking to my cats.
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No, I do that, too, sometimes. "Hellloooo, girlie! Who's Mommy's little baby??" LOL I've done that with all the pets I've ever lived with. Except when I'm scolding, then I use as deep a voice as I can muster!
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sometimes i talk to them normal, but some times i baby talk to them too
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Oh, I definately talk to Ivo in a different tone of voice, but not all the time. I usually talk to her in a normal tone of voice, but occasionally I'll start baby-talking to her-"Hey shugie woogie. How's my little bear? You're my sweet shugie bear, meepers." I think you get the idea.

I also discipline her in a different tone of voice. If she's misbehaving, I'll say loudly and in a firm, deep voice "Ah ah ah ah" until she stops. I've started doing the same thing to my co-worker and he gets the biggest kick out of it!
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Sometimes I use a normal voice tone when I'm talking to Snowball, but when I'm telling him how wonderful he is I use a higher voice tone.
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Yep, I do too. And they get baby talk, too. I tell people with 100% sincerity that my cats are my kids, but some people think I am kidding. I'm not. Well, Midnight is more of a Best Friend, but the others are my widdle kittie babies...
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i always use the sweetest tone possible when communicating with my babies... i think the same tones a mother would use with her own baby.

Sometimes, i will pretend i can't find them, even when they are really near, asking "where is my Venus?" or "where is my Daisy?" just to get them to draw me, and just to amuse them.

Even though Venus is deaf, in a lot ways, she understands my language of love... how i gently stroke her, spoon feed her with treats (baby food) or wet foods, play with her, give her hugs and kisses,etc. Also, i think it is important not to startle her with sudden moves, as she can't hear..

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I think your crazy if you don't have that special voice just for them. Like when I'm talking about my day to Wieland it's normal, but when it's "loving time" I think my voice goes up a couple octaves. And to get all their attention I'll say "who wants to eeeaaattttt?" really squeaky and they stamppeed(sp?)
I love this place, I wish we could record ourselves and play them for one another, we'd all need depends.
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I'm guilty of using another voice with Spike too... I guess it's higher in tone, and overall more gentle/sweet than my normal voice.
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I am laughing out loud just thinking about the prospect of us all recording our 'pet voices' and listening to them!

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I talk to my animals in all various tones of voices.
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Me too are we silly or what?
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Oh yeah. Mine always get high pitche baby "Whose my sweetie? Whose my sweetie love button?" "How are the babies?" really cheesy and sappy...but that's me!
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OH YEAH.... I am DANGEROUSLY CHEESY (when I talk to my Kitty Babies!)
DH, just LAUGHS at me...but I don't care, my kitties LOVE me!!!
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I talk to my kitties like they are humans... sometimes I use the high pitch voice also, but I swear they know what I am saying when I talk to them..
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I talk to Max like I would talk to a baby. "Who's my cute little baby?" When I walk in the door to the mud room, he's already talking, so I talk back to him. "Meow-Meow" I say as soon as I walk in the door. Then Max does his welcome home dance - back in forth in front of me as I walk into the kitchen.
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It depends, sometimes I talk to them in a more high pitched or silly voice. I don't feel so bad cause my s/o does it too. Especially when he is playing with their feet. He has an obsession with kitty paws.
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Yup - OF COURSE!!!
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I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who likes kitty's paws. I just love to play with Max's paws. He will tolerate it for just a little bit and then give me a dirty look.
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