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Kitty has a problem

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hello everyone:

I have a problem. I found a kitty like two days ago, a super cute orange Tabby that looks about 3 months old, in fact I posted some pics , here is the link:

Anyway, I've been taking care of him and I'm trying to find a good home for him, but he has a problem. When I first found him and held him I noticed that he started sucking my shirt, like he was nursing from his mommy cat, I thought he was just scared and hungry, but he keeps doing it. He has been eating well and drinking his water and he has been playing normally, but when we hold him, he just starts sucking at us, he gets so desperate and he starts purring really loud, it doesn't seem normal. Other than that he acts like any other kitty.

I'm just thinking that nobody will want him if he does that, it can be annoying, my Mom can't stand it. I don't really mind because I feel sorry for him and I love him already. I don't know what to do about this. I can't keep him and I'm afraid noboy will want him. What can I do to stop this behavior? help please!!

Thanks in advance..
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It doesn't sound like anything is wrong with the little guy with the exception of maybe being parted with his mommy too soon.

We had a cat that sadly passed away at the age of 14 a few years ago that suckled until the day she left us. We always thought it was cute I'm sure that you will find a family that feels the same

I'm off to check out the pics you posted right now!
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Thanks so much, that makes me fel a lot better, I just hope I can find a good forever family for him. I wish he could just stay with me, I also think it is cute what he does, he is soo sweet and loving. Yes, maybe he was taken from his mommy too soon, who knows. Thanks so much.
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I'd say your kitten is showing the classic signs of a separation anxiety. Purring is sometimes a self-comforting activity, as is kneading. Sucking on a fabric can be another way of showing it.

Like us humans, most cats have some personality oddities. Your kitten is not outside the realm of "normal," whatever that might be!
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Get him a really soft, plush toy or a "blankie" - it will make him look even cuter! We recently had a good thread about this oh-too-common issue!

My little girl Andrea did best with either a washcloth or certain stuffed toys. She also had aggression issues, but my grandson gave her a small, stuffed pink flamingo to attack & it worked great (he called it "anger management training", like he was taught in school ). She had a rough start, too - here's her story, if you're interested:
please keep us posted & yup! we do like pics
Bless you for taking in this kitty!!
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My in-laws have a cat that was bottle fed after being rejected by his mom. At about 3 weeks the mom got spooked and accidentally claw his ear almost completely off, so the vet removed it. After that she refused to nurse him. He's 4 years old now and is a perfectly normal, healthy, happy cat but he still suckles on fuzzy blankets and sometimes rugs.
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