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need help

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hi my cat savannah started doing something today i have never saw her do befor,after she got up today she was trying to lick at her rear end after she went to her letter box ,then she would walk a little bit and meow then laydown and lick some more she did this many times so i looked at her bum to see if there was something there i need to get off for her but everything looked ok but off to one side were her fur is a bit thick by her but hole i touched the fur and she did not like it but it was only on one side she has never did this befor can anyone hely me with this or what to do thanks savannahs mom
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It is difficult to say from your description but it could be a number of things. She could be constipated, anal glands could be impacted, she may have worms. I would recommend you make an appointment for the vet and have her thoroughly checked. If you can get a fresh fecal sample before the vet visit, definitely take that with you.
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I second the vet appt ...
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thank you so much i herd about that but was not sure it might be that im making a app today thanks again
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Sounds like her anal glands may need to be cleaned. Its a stinky job so if you want, take her to the vet and have them look at her.
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