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I just took in my first ever pregnant foster cat. They told me she was all belly, but man I didn't expect this! she's a tiny cat (much smaller than mine) and her belly feels like a bowling ball.

I'm trying to see if someone knows how I could determine where she's at in gestation. I know that it could be anywhere up to a couple weeks when the kittens start moving around, but I am thinking she's much closer than that. I can feel the little buggers all over. In fact, if you just sit and watch her when she's sleeping you can actually see a lot of movement too.

I've determined substantial movement from what feels like 4 babies at least. It's strange too. when they're active you can put your ear to the belly and hear the fluid being moved around. It's so neat seeing all this.

I started a thread about my new adventure here

So is there a better way I can tell where my little girl is at in the process?