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Khi & Jellow's trip to the vet!

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So it was their first visit to the vet and Jellow was all quiet and a good lil boy during the ride there and everything. Khi on the other hand was a WRECK. She cried and cried and was so scared! I held her so tight and she was so curious and nervous at the same time.

We got there and jellow patiently waited in the bag a the vet while I had to walk around holding Khi cuz each time I sat down she FREAKED and wanted to run and hide .

We finally got in there and the vet said they were beautiful babies and very healthy and they each weigh 5lbs and 3 quarters!!!! She said not to worry about what happend with Jellow *the sezier* it likely won't happend again.

I told her about how I feed them and what I do with mixing the dry & wet food together and she told me as long as they like it its fine. So i can continue doing that as long as I get rid of it as soon as they are done eating it.

So it was wonderful the entire experience.. the 16th however, they do have to go back and have their surgeries!!! Getting spayed and nuetered is something I've been dreading She said if everything goes okay I'll have them back the late afternoon, otherwise in most cases they will have to stay over night, and if that's the case with them..i'm going to cry my eyes out!!! I can't NOT be with them!!

Lastly, we're having another maintence visit here today to fix a thing in the bathroom! I put them in the second bedroom with all their toys, food litter box and pet carrier and they're just relaxing. I don't know exactly what time they will be here, nobody told us so were just being cautious.

I also got a letter from my mental health doctor stating that he believes my pets are helping me and I should be able to keep them as part of my health.

Thanks all so much! I can't wait to read what you all have to say!

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That is great news, I'm glad to hear everything is going fine. There's nothing like cats around you to help you both emotionaly and physically. As far as their surgeries, thats going to be fine also, none of mine ever had to stay over night. I guess it also depends on what time of day they do the actual surgery, the later in the day, the more chance for overnight. But with mine they usually are able to do it before 12:00 noon. Its really a routine operation. More Prayers and that everything will go well.
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