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Feeding once a day or twice a day

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I just got back from the vet and Gia, my little tiger, has cystitis and needs to be eating wet food only. I've got Two, who's my fat cat, who needs to be eating a diet food (luckily nothing physically wrong, just likes her food a lot). Then I've got Sasha who needs to eat a very bland food or she'll get the runs and then finally Bianca who is my perfectly normal cat that can eat regular food. I've been feeding them all once a day in the morning but was wondering if I should be feeding them twice a day instead. Has anybody found it to be beneficial to feed them twice a day vs. once or vice versa? Just kinda curious.

Also, Sasha doesn't really seem all that interested in her food anymore. She's on a prescription food but the vet said if I wanted to try other bland foods that she could easily transition to those. If you have any recommendations of "tastier" bland foods that I could give her, please let me know. Hopefully I put this up in the right section
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Hi and welcome back to the forum!

By nature, cats need to eat frequent, small wet meals, high in protein and fat, and low in carbohydrate. That's the way they are "designed", that's what will keep them healthy.

I'll guarantee you'll receive a ton of advice on a board like this about just which are allegedly the "best"...if you want to read what a feline Veterinarian and nutrition expert has to say, she has an easily-readable website at this link. You'll also hear some surprising things about the so-called prescription diets as well.

She also provides telephone consults.

Please, seriously consider upping the number of and reducing the size of their meals!
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I agree that you should be feeding a minimum of 2x a day if not more. I also think all your cats can be on the same quality wet food and it would serve all their needs
If you feed a grain free canned food, their weights should gravitate to where they should be. Less grains I would assume are more bland. For the runs, get some acidopholis from a health food store and sprinkle on the food
Wellness I believe have big cans under 2 dollars you can purchace which would make this top quality food as cheap or cheaper then something like fancy feast which doesn't have the quality of wellness. Best of luck
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What is "best " truely is relative ... you need the right strains of acidolphilis for the proper effect .. nearly all vets know which strains you need for kitty and yes many can be found in human health food stores ..... If you check out the ask the expert forums you will find lot s of info provide by Dr Jean on wt and canned food ... $$ of food varies widely here a 5.5 oz can ranges from $1.25 to 1.99 the big cans up to 3.50$... Actually no a no grain is not a bland diet .. actually it is the reverse

Most vets will agree that two to four meals a day is best ... the jury is still out in regards to how often a small wild cat eats but the european wild cats( which I would say many of todays house cats came from) do tend to eat more frequently at least this is what the limited studies have stated
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I feed my cat 2 times a day. From what I read no more then a 1/2 a cup a day. But cats do nipple every so often, I think the biggest thing most people forget is how important water is.
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My kittens eat often because they are very greedy and energetic lol.

Half a pouch a morning , afternoon , evening..

Jess x
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I think twice a day would be ok, but I personally wouldn't be comfortable with once a day at all.
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I feed 3x/day. Mango would never get enough to eat with one meal per day simply because he eats very little during each sitting. If I were to reduce it to once or even twice a day, he would not be able to maintain weight.
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