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Sooooo how normal is this? My boyfriend and I always roll our eyes and laugh at my poor Bugsy but is there really something wrong in his dysfunctional little head?

My poor boy has OCD. Not mild OCD, insane OCD. He gets obsessed with things. Right now its water from the bathroom tap, the basement door, and our closet door. He will sit there for hours (literally, one day it was 4 hours straight) and stare at whatever he’s obsessed with. If he is not watching his spots if he hears my boyfriend or I walking near his spots he will run to us all spastically, meowing up a storm, and start running around, meowing, pawing at his spots… then he will sit there for a few hours just staring very still at his spots.

I always believe that every time my children do something weird, like stare at a wall, or freak out for no reason, that my grandma in heaven is playing with them… but this is getting weird.

He does this daily, a few times a day. I think he stares at his spot more then he eats, plays, and sleeps. Anyone else have this? Sometimes I feel bad for him, I know what OCD is like. But most of the time I just shake my head and laugh at him… poor guy. Not much I can do about it.