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Little Man Dozer Angels baby

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I have to update some pictures but he is HUGE HUGE now! he is 15 weeks old as of yesterday. WOW where did that time go! he still nurses every now and then and Angel lets him and boy is he a noisy nurser with his suckling and purring. LOL the spot on his head has actually faded some and if you didn't know it was there before probably wouldn't even see it so now he looks ALL white! I weighed myself then him on my scale last night and it said he was 4 1/2lbs! YIKES not sure if that was right or not. his paws are almost as big as his moms!

I will try to get the pictures uploaded and on here later today. he is just too cute with his big huge ears like his mommy. LOL
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Dozer is going to be a big guy!!!!! I can't wait to see his pictures!!!!
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ok finally uploaded the pictures.

The first group was when he was about 12-13 weeks I think (they were before our vaca so guessing just before he turned 3 mo old! (which was Aug 21)

sorry for so many pictures but the snuggling was just too cute! (can you see her paw sticking out from under him too?)

here he is nursing around the same time so just under 3 mo old (sorry they are dark)

playing around 3 mo

and some from tonight at 15 weeks old (he is LONG, TALL and LANKY)

look you can't even see his spot in the first one. sometimes it shows up creamish, others greyish and others not at all. LOL it is the strangest spot!
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He looks so gorgeous! My Big Al is that way too...larger than life! He is gonna be a big boy just like yours is. Al is heavy too...but a snuggle muffin

Love how beautiful Dozer is...and he looks so content with Mom. Big Al nurses on Mom too off and on, snuggles with Dad a lot, and loves to play with the other siamese cat I have.
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we were on vaca for 12 days and when we got back he wasn't as loveable as before but then started to come around only to have us gone for a long weekend. LOL poor thing. but now we have been home for 2 weeks and he is such a love bug! if I am stretched out on the couch with the kids he is right there snuggled up with us. and his fur is soooooooo soft it is like velvet! OMG I love it! I sure hope he keeps it that soft. Angels wasn't that soft when we got her. his dad was med/long hair so wonder if that is where the softness came in. but I just love to sit and pat him all day long. LOL
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AWWWW Dozer is precious!!! What a beautiful boy!

His mommy loves him so much. I love the pictures!
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He is beautiful. I love the way Mom snuggles him
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AAWWW!!! That is just adorable how much they love each other.
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Love the snuggle piccies! In one of them, momma looks like she's kissiner her baby on the cheek!

He's a handsome, handsome boy...
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Geez THAT'S a 4 month old kitten??????

He's almost as big as mom and it looks so funny nursing Love the photos.
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Actually in the pictures nursing he wasn't quite 3 mo old! LOL he won't be 4 mo until the 21st of Sept and those were taken a couple weeks ago. the ones on the couch were from the other night so right around 15 weeks. and mom isn't huge but not tiny. think prepreg and prespay she was around 9lbs she is about 12-13 preg and postspay (never really lost anything). he is just a BIG BOY!
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Little Man Dozer is so cute! Thanks for posting some photos of him! I love the pictures of him snuggling with Angel. Awww.

He has really neat eye color for a white kitty. It is really cool looking. I bet he is going to be HUGE!
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