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Mother sits on kittens

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I'm new to this newborn kitten thing. When the mother leaves her babies to go eat/drink she typically comes back and when lying back down can sometimes sit on a baby or 2. The Babies then proceed to squeal a lot (get off me!) and she just kind of stairs at me. I don't think it's intentional, she's just new at this (she's about 1 year old).

Should we be concerned? Should we help?

She was as tray cat that we'd been feeding and looking out after for several months when we realized she was pregnant so we brought her in so she could deliver and get them weaned in a better environment.
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You need to watch her.
My brothers cat did that and a few kittens died.
She was a very good Mom though.
How old our the kittens?
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It's noon and the first one came out sometime between 7 and 8 am. The mother was yowling a lot last night so I went into the computer room to see if I could help calm her down and it did somewhat. Shortly thereafter I passed out and my Girlfriend woke me up after she came in and noticed she had the 1st kitten under our futon we keep in the room.

We moved her to a box shortly after and she just popped out her 5th kitten as I was typing this. It's Noon thirty now and after the first 3 came fairly rapidly (in about and hour and a half) the last 2 came about an hour or 2 spaced out after that.
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If I was there with my queens and it happened, I'd just move the kitten to where the others were. If not, the kitten/mom manages to fix things.
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Make sure she isnt sitting on them.
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Seems ok now. I really hope she doesn't have any more. Going to be interesting trying to get people to adopt these ones as is.
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Here's a couple pictures at my myspace page. Not sure if they let you hotlink from there so here's my main profile link. I think I have my pics set to public viewage.
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I could not see the photos.
It looked to me several times that Lucia was laying on her kittens but she wasn't. When they would squeal she would move.
You may need to help her out a little bit.
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