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Question of the Day - September 4th!!

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What's the weather like in your part of the world today?

Here today it's supposed to be in the 90s, sunny and very humid. It's been miserably hot all week, but we're supposed to a break from it by the weekend!
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Supposed to be hot in the mid 90's and humid today

Hopefully we'll get a break with some cooler weather and rain this weekend from Tropical storm Hanna!
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77 currently, 109 for a high, cool, for here anyway.
No humidity to speak of, but this is monsoon season in the desert (July-September).
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Partly cloudy, mid 80's .... Im ready for some cool weather!
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Partly cloudy, sticky, hazy and going to be in the low 90s - yuck
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Great day here in central Ontario. Sunny, slightly windy and about 24 degrees..Perfect fall weather.
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for me 25º Centigrades and sunny.....more than that temp it feels soo hard....
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It's perfect autumn weather here. It's 16 where i am whatever that is on the chart?.

I'm sleeping right through now that it's cool, and i had to close the windows last night incase the babies toots got cold on the bed
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Sunny, a little high cloud, light breeze, 12 C, headed for 22. Lovely, thanks.
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Cloudy and very wet here! Keeps raining on and off. Roll on sunshine!!
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It's been warm here lately - 32c (90F) today, no humidity, just hot.
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It is 21C (69F) here right now and supposed to go up to 27C (80F). It is a nice break as it was very hot yesterday.
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It will be 100 today again and is 80 now.
Hi: 81°F
Gust: NNE 6
Heat Index: 79°F
Humidity: 31%
Dew Point: 47°F
Hi: 102°
Lo: 64°
Clear. Lows 59 to 69. Northwest winds around 10 mph.
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Over here (Germany)they said the weather would be nice all week long - no way!
Instead of sweating our butts off, we're snuggling into blankets cause winter has come a bit early...never made it above 13 centigrades today*shiver*
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OMG terrible!

Today - Rain, rain, rain, rain, a little sun, black skies.
Tonight - Rain, rain, rain

And it's meant to get worse over the next few days
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cool and rainy. It was all I could do to drag myself out of bed!
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It has been raining all day. Temp was 58 degrees.
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Today it's a warm 87 degrees and sunny. This weekend is gonna be a little rough though, we are looking at getting TS Hanna skirting us. I live in the Mtns of VA but still we'll get alot of rain and storms.

But today is a lovely and humid.
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It's in the 90s, humid, and icky!
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We're getting a tiny bit of hurricane Gustav today, so it's been cold and dreary all day.
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Tari got a bit more of the Gustav rains than we did near Green Bay, WI.
Its light rain and 58F (about 13-14C). Won't be getting enough rain to break our dry spell but more forecast for later in week. Temps to stay below normal (74F) for the next week.
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Originally Posted by Tari View Post
We're getting a tiny bit of hurricane Gustav today, so it's been cold and dreary all day.

Same here! I think the high today was only around 70, and it's been raining on and off all day. I think that's about what we're to expect all weekend too!
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It's really nice here today. Sunny and in the 80's (not sure of the exact temp, but it's not really hot at all - not for Sept. in Texas, that is!).
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It's cool but not too cold not too hot! Fall is starting to come around here.
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