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Feliway Diffuser question

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I'm busy with lots of questions today!

Wondering...would it pay off to use the Feliway diffuser for my two cats? They tolerate each other. That's about it. While they will lay next to each other (about 4 feet apart)...they hiss and paw at each other. Just thinking the diffuser might make them happier with each other? The hissing is one way only...our female, Hattie, doesn't like Duncan. He likes her just fine. Do you think it could calm her down? Make her like Duncan/tolerate Duncan a little better?

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I have the same situation — one cat wants to be friends, the other cat is a scaredy cat and thinks she's going to get eaten. I got our plug-in over a month ago and in one day, the tensions were obviously reduced.

I decided to get a second plug-in for the other side of the house, plus refills. I am totally satisfied with this product. Here's a place with really good prices.

Good luck!
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