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I am confused about what my cat is doing. She is meowing alot and kinda acting like she is in heat. But its not like when she was in heat all the other times, and she is pregnant so she shouldn't be in heat...right? She is walking around with her tummy closer to the ground but her butt up higher and her tail sideways.
Now 4 weeks ago I brought her to the vet and he said she was pregnant and is due 3-4 weeks, she hasn't had them yet and she isn't huge but he did say it was going to be a small litter and counted two. Also last week she started getting a little bloody discharge. Anyone know what may be happening?
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Her labor might be starting. My Meeko kept meowing nonstop and wanted Coco with her when her labor started. She just had one kitten who I lost at age 5 last Jan.
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hmm...still no babies from Jinx. Its been 5 and a half weeks since I had brought her to the vet and she still hasn't had them! I am so impatient lol. When I brought her to the vet he said 3-4 weeks. Could he have been wrong?
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When Coco was Preg the Vet told me Coco would have around July 25th but she had Aug 1 on moving day. He could have been off.
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She may not be pregnant any more. Its possible she absorbed the kittens you felt earlier and is back in heat.

I'd take her back to the vet. If she is no longer pregnant, get her spayed then. Or she may be in early labor and the kittens won't survive.
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I can still feel the kittens though and in the last week she has gained more weight and isnt in heat.
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Well hopefully all will be well then
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I am experiencing similar things with a pregnant cat I have taken in. The vet checked her and she is hugely pregnant (About 2 weeks ago now and she could feel 3 kittens), had a few days like she was in heat, howling, butt in air and doing a mating dance yet no kittens or anything else. We've not had any discharge here. As I don't know when she fell pregnant and the vets can only estimate my vets have said to give her a few more days and they'll have a look at her again. By the vets thought she would have them 10 days ago now - so a few more days and we shall see.
I would go back to your vets if she has had discharge and no labour has happened incase somethings not right, I don't think you can be too careful
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The stray cat I took in did the same thing. The vet said 2-1/2 to 3 weeks and it ended up being 4-1/2 weeks! She also kept giving me false signals that her labor was starting for a full two weeks before she delivered. In the end she had three beautiful, perfectly healthy babies.
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Well I guess that makes me feel a little bit better but i am not sure if I should be worried or waste another $65 just to find out heh.
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wow sounds like she is planning on keeping you stressed right out until the moment comes when she delivers lol...but then dont they all??!?!

If it were me....I'd spend the $65 for the vet to check her out again just in case there are some major problems that could cause you spend alot more in the long run

Sending you good vibes and be sure to update!!

PS- Sudbury huh.....I'm originally from there and have alot of family there and in that area
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Well When I brought her the first time he said she was perfectly fine and that everything was good. I am not sure, I will give it a few more days. I dont like being stressed about it :P

Cool. I havent lived here my whole life, but its different.
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So is your momma going thru anything different yet? have you noticed any other changes in her mood, behavior or body changes?
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She is still eating alot and bigger and sleeping alot but other than that no other huge changes. I can sometimes see her tummy move.

Today I got home from work and her eye was a little swollen Not sure what happened there. No discharge or anything just a swollen and she was mostly keeping it closed and it was a little red.
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Well one thing about her behaviour that she just started doing was that I was petting her and she just started biting and scratching at my arm. Not in a playful way and it took me a second to get her off.
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