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DH are going away for a couple of days, leaving my girls for the very first time! Tonight, our neighbor who is going to be catsitting for us came over to get acquainted with the girls. They absolutely loved her!! She sat down on the floor and played with them and even aloof Rusty was coming to her for scritches. I feel so much more comfortable leaving them now but I am still going to be one worried meowmy!

We are leaving tomorrow morning and coming back on Saturday or Sunday.

for meowmy and papa and the girls so they won't be too upset. Since DH is always home, they will miss him the most!
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for all of you! That the girls have fun with their new friend and you and DH enjoy your vacation and don't worry too much!
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Vibes for you all I hope you have a nice time!
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have a nice and terrific time my friend!...
have a lots of fun! and bring us a couple of pic´s......
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I'm sure the girls will be fine, especially now they have met your neighbour!
Enjoy your vacation, and have a great time!
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Im sure the girls and your furbabies will be fine!! It will be a nice getaway for you and DH that everyone has a great time!!
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