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Weird litter box behavior

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I am here to pose a question for my mother

Her cat, Teddy, has been exhibiting some strange litter box behavior lately. She states that Teddy doesn't have any UTI (was recently checked and was OK'd by vet), but, is doing some weird things in or around his litter box.

She states that Teddy will back up to a far corner and shake his behind and tail and pee outside the box. She also states that he will literally empty his box of litter when he is covering up his urine/stool. Much of the urine is now ending up outside of the box. Then...out goes the litter. Teddy has always been a vigorous litter excavator, but, he is now emptying almost the entire box of its litter.

This behavior is new (from what I understand, within the past month).

She is very frustrated. As of this time, Teddy continues to use his box, or very near it. No spraying. No marking or inappropriate elim. in any other part of the house.

For what its worth, Teddy does not like it when my mom cleans his catbox. He will see her sifting out the litter, and will quit whatever he is doing to go and re-arrange the litter.

Another point I would like to make is that my mom loves all kinds of deoderizers, scented litters, air fresheners near the litter box. I have tried to dissuade her from these practices, and I think I am making some headway.

We would like some suggestions...
Larger box?
Different style box?

Also, for my benefit, I would like to know if that whole tail wiggling thing she describes is more like spraying than urinating? I've never witnessed this in my cats or in anyone elses...although, I remember reading that cats do that move when they spray. Mom says the urine goes over the side of the box and onto the floor.

OK...I'll wait to hear from you folks!
Thanks in advance...Cindy W.
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Teddy is around 4 years old, neutered male. Cindy W.
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With the wagging of the tail, to me that sounds like spraying, even if it is the corner of his box he's doing it to.

AS for shifting the litter ever where, meh, lots of cats do that, including one of mine.

We have 2 covered litter boxes here.

Get the BIGGEST covered litter box you can (even soem of them have little door flaps on them.) And keep out a traditional big litter box, make sure it's very big, so that he can pick and use between the 2 of them.

The covered box should help prevent from the litter going everywhere.
Most of my cats like to dig, if I just go over to their box and jiggle it to mess with their heads one or more of themw ill run over adn either use it or just shift things around again lol.

Try out another litter brand, couldn't hurt.

If he's not marking on any other place in the house, I would suggest getting a plastic mat, or a sheet of plastic to put under and around the litter box so if he sprays it will drop onto easily cleanable plastic and it's no big deal.

There are things you can do to help stop spraying, a lot of people are having a big hype over the new feliway plugins!

Get the deoterisors OUT!!

Or at least keep them out of the room/space where the litter box is, that could just make his litter box and spraying habits worse actually.

She can have them near a trash can or spray them in the kitchen after dinner, but just don't have them near a litter box!
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This sounds like my cat Sadie, 10 years old. I have a covered litter box that is always clean, so that's not the problem. Sadie stands up to pee, she will enter the litter box and pee outside the opening. Now, sometimes she will put her head and front paws in the litterbox with her back end and legs outside of the box and pee. She is spayed and has been checked by the vet, nothing is wrong. This is just her of way of doing it.

So I have a large plastic box, the kind that is for storing things under the bed, that I have placed the litterbox in with puppy housebreaking training pads in front of the litterbox. This way the pee hits the puppy pads and stays inside of the plastic box. I just change the puppy pads when she pees.

It's a little extra cost and time, but it works for us. She does not throw litter everywhere, because she doesn't cover anything up. I usually have to do that for her.
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I use cover litter boxes, my cats like to play drums in the litter box they will stay in there for ten minutes just pawing the side of the litter box.
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