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Speaking of wildlife...

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Our distibution center is sort of out in the country. I remember a time when this was all farm fields.

So, we have quite a bit of wildlife around. No deer that I've seen, but plenty of birds and small animals. I've mentioned a few of the injured birds.

Well, we've had a skunk around, too. I only saw him, never smelled him. I've walked within a few feet of him several times, and enjoyed watching him rooting around in the grass, hunting. (This was always the middle of the night.) I've heard skunks are actually quite fearless and friendly. I didn't seem to bother him, even though I know he saw me there.

Anyway, yesterday morning when I went to work, I smelled skunk around the guard shack. Sure enough, I saw a mashed skunk in the road. It made me feel bad. I sure hope someone didn't run him over on purpose. There is a lot of traffic on that pavement a couple of times per day. I don't know if this skunk was my little friend, but I suspect so.
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Aww, how sad
I always feel bad seeing squished critters on the road, skunks always remind me of cats with their little faces and tiny paws.
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it's funny cos my bf breaks for any animal may it be a raccoon or a seagull and I love him for it

I'm sorry to hear about your skunk friend
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Aw, I'm sorry, Mike. I like skunks too.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Aw, I'm sorry, Mike. I like skunks too.
I'm sorry, too. My neighbor had a skunk that he had "descented". It was a wonderful cat-like friend!
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I once had a friend who lived in the country in Arkansas. He said he was sitting on the front porch steps late one evening when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. He thought it was his cat and reached down and petted it. It felt a little odd, and when he looked, it was a skunk, enjoying being petted! It had to be a wild one, too; no houses within quite a distance.
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