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I'll respond to the other posts a bit later, but Madonna wanted to say hi, and let everyone know she's figured out how to burrow under my covers. I moved her to my bedroom. You can read why here if you want.

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Awwwww hello Madonna you gorgeous little muffin you She looks so cosy there
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Oh man, Rosie do yo know anything about birthing kittens?

I made a post in the pregnant forum. She was burrowing like that because she's sort of in labor and she won't stay in her box. I don't know what to do.

Could you read that thread?
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Wait until i do a quick search in the pregnant forum for some threads for you.

Deep breaths dad!

Heres a couple of links so far

Heres a video that Gayef put up as a sticky so you know what to expect
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Good luck with the birth!

they are gonna be some sweet babies!
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well see that's the problem. She's more than just spotting. There's a big wet spot that's clear but the others were dark red. The blob thing was about the size of a ping pong ball stretched ou. but like i said it went back inside. that's why i think she's in labor. plus I can feel that the babies have moved much lower and i can feel the tubes have swelled that the babies come through under her tummy.

I tried watcvhing that video yesterday but I couldn't get past the first blob that I just suffered through and will apaprently have to experience again
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One of the breeders is online (Abymummy) so i've just sent her a pm to look at your thread.
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Thank you! I don't know what the heck she's doing. She is almost asleep right now.

I'll chek the other thread.

thanks again Rosiemac
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Cindy (kittenkrazy) is coming to see if she can help as well

Awwww it won't be long now Try and stay calm for Madonna as well
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Thanks. man it's 4 am already. lol
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I'm usually turning over for my second sleep at that time Both of you will sleep well once it's over
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Well now, what a day this was!
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