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Carrie - Best of luck on your wedding day and for a happy marriage!

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Since your wedding is this weekend I just wanted to wish you luck and joy. Enjoy your day, don't let the little things get to you!


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Congratulations Carrie!!!! I know you will love the married life!
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Congratulations and best of luck!! I know you'll have a wonderful wedding!
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Congragulations and have lots fun!
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Congratulations! Hope everything goes as planned!
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Cogratulations Carrie! May your lives together be filled with happiness and joy.
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Congratulations! I hope your wedding is a wonderful beginning to your life together.
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Carrie, I am sure everything will be just perfect! I hope you have a GREAt day! You deserve it!!! Please post some pics of the wedding for us!!!! I will be thinking about you! Wish I lived closer so I could be there!! (and I would even hire Barry to sing! )

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Congratulations Carrie! Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, and I know you will be a beautiful bride. I hope everything goes smoothly on your wedding day, and your lives together are filled with joy.
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Ohh Carrie! Congrats on getting to the happy day!

Dont forget to post pictures!
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Carrie...I wish you the best for this weekend! Just remember to not fret the little stuff, take a deep breath and enjoy every minute of it. I'll be thinking of you and Roger this weekend & wishing I were there to throw the rice! Enjoy yourself and enjoy everything about only happens once and you'll regret it if you don't relax enough to enjoy it.

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Woo hoo!! Congratulations! Have a wonderful day!!!
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OMG! I just found this!!

You guys are the GREATEST!! Thanks so much! I will post pictures as soon as I get some! Probably will have some personal ones developed by the time we get back next weekend

I still think we need a TCS meeting
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So...I wondering how the big wedding went today? I really hope it went smooth and absolutely beautiful!!

This afternoon I thought of Carrie walking down the aisle and I envisioned her glamourous & all...singing "I'm goin' to the Chapel and I'm gonnnnnnnnna get married". LOL!
Congrats Carrie! Best of luck to you and Roger!
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Congratulations, Carrie, and all the very best wishes to you both!!!!
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Hi Carrie! This is so exciting. We all wish we all could be there! I just know you are so georgous! Congradulations for your wedding day!
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Carrie!!!!!! How did it go???? And where are the pictures? **Hugs**
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I didn't see this thread, but I was thinking about you Saturday! I know you were nervous.... how'd it go? I'm willing to bet it was GREAT and went off without a hitch.



...Wishing the two of you a really happy life together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Carrie...where are you? How did it go? Where are the pictures?
Maybe you have posted it in another thread and I haven't seen it yet (I go directly to threads from my e-mail) Please tell us (if you haven't yet) how it went!!!
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HERE I BE!!! Just still trying to catch up on here!!

It was a PERFECT DAY! Well, ok...with the exception that my freakin' draw-string crinolin slip kept creeping down! was so uncomfy trying to sit in a big get up like that! Other than that, it was just great! I was terrified up until the moment I went into the dressing area. Then everything just felt so peaceful, so right, and so calm! I have pictures from Vegas (some of them)...but nothing from the wedding yet!
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awww!! I'm happy everythign went great!
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I'm so glad to hear it went so well!!!! That is great! I tried to get Barry to come and sing, but he was all booked up!
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