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I Thought They Hated Each Other!

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It's hard to believe that they're in the same room together. It's almost impossible to believe that they're on the same bed together. If I didn't have a picture to prove it....there's no way I'd ever think they'd actually touch each other!!!

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Awww...They're even right next to each other. What beautiful kitties you have.

I thought my two hated each other also, but sometimes when they think I'm not looking I catch them laying close together (like your babies) or *gasp* even PLAYING together. I could never second guess what's going on in their little cat minds.
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You know what would make that picture complete? BEA!

That's adorable, someday I hope to see the same here.
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I bet if they fell asleep that they would be sprawled out all over one another

I wish my 2 would do that The other day I saw both on the bed about 1 foot away from each other. That's the closest I've seen them sleeping in the 10 years that I've had Abby.
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Caught red-pawed!
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They'll be giving each other a bath next
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Awwwww they are finally adjusting to that much beauty in one place
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Awww, they really do surprise you sometimes don't they They are both gorgeous
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What a beautiful picture of your beautiful girls!
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What a gorgeous pic! Your babies are beautiful, I'm so in love with their fur, wish I could snuggle my face against them
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