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4 day old kittens!

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I wrote 4 days ago about my foster Tyra when she was in labor. The two little kittens are getting bigger and bigger everyday, but the bigger kitten has been sneezing. What can this be? He is the only one doing it. Could be from the delivery? Momma's nipples seem to be getting hard, is this normal?
Kat and Tyra
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Its not really normal - chances are there's a start of upper respitory and it should be looked at now before the others catch it.

As far as the nipples - are you talking about the nipple or the surrounding area? If its the surrounding area, get her to a vet. It could be mastitus and the kittens should not nurse from that nipple as its infection - which will be passed on to the kitten and you may lose that kitten.

I'd take them ALL to the vet within the next day or two.
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It's around the nipple. I will get them to the vet ASAP. Thanks.
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I took Tyra to the vet last night and she and the kittens have URI's and she has the start of an infection in her mammary glands. So I had to pull the kittens and bottle feed them(which is not fun, and I am have problems getting them to latch to the bottle) and Tyra is on Antibotics.
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glad you got her in. see if they can give you an antibiotic that is safe for the kittens too. is it in all glands or just one? Angel had mastitis but it was only in one nipple (the one her kitten nursed from but he was around 8 weeks old) and they told me to TRY to keep him from nursing when I saw him but if he did it was ok since the meds she was on were safe for him too. I stopped him when I saw him nursing but they were hard to watch 24/7 so he did nurse and both ended up doing just fine. GL with the bottle feeding.
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