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Precious Has Some Weird Obessions

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My female domestic short hair has some weird obsessions. One thing she is obsessed with is bleach and floor cleaners. Whenever someone is cleaning my bathroom with bleach, she'll go near the bathroom and start rolling around on the floor, rubbing up against things, and just generally act crazy. She does the same thing with floor cleaners.

Another thing she is absolutely obsessed with is Vicks Vapo Rub. Sometimes when I'm sick I'll put some on and she'll smell it and come running. Then she begins to obsessively smell the stuff on me and she'll even attempt to lick it off of me but I push her away because I don't want her to get poisoned by it.

So, what are some of the weird obsessions that your cat has?

Oh, I forgot. You know those little hard but furry mice toys? Those are Precious's ultimate obsession.
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Hmmmm....catnip. My crazy ReeRee was just rolling around in it. He was flat as a pancake and rubbing his neck around in it like it was perfume.
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TigerLilly and Belle love cat nip! One time i got a bag of it to refill one of there toys and they opend up the cabnet it was in cewed through the bag and ate most of it. I have no idea how the smelled it in there!!
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Pearl loves Vap-O-Rub and Biofreeze. She goes nuts like some cats with catnip.
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Just posted this somewhere else, but RIP Brownie and Butzie love Ben Gay, Icy Hot, etc. They lick it off.
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