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Secundus: April 28, 1999 - August 13, 2008

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Jamie's brother, Secundus, sadly passed away following a very long and complicated surgical procedure to remove a piece of intestine damaged by an ulcer. He was deeply loved and is mourned by his human family, who had had him and his brother, Quartus, since the day they were born, and his feline housemates, most especially Quartus, who is still looking for him. He has been buried at the only home he ever knew.

Secundus was chosen as the "prettiest kitty" in a 2004 CATNIPetc photo contest, and I'd like to share that photo with you:

This a photo of Secundus and Quartus:

and more of Secundus:

These two were from the very early days, with his brothers and sister:

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, little one, where I'm sure your brother Quintus was waiting for you.
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So sorry he died.
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RIP Secundus

Play happily at the Bridge and watch over your humans and your brother.
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My condolences to Secundus's family. He was a beautiful cat and I'm sure a wonderful companion.
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Rest in peace Secondus.
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What sad news..... my condolences to you all, Tricia. He is obviously a loved baby boy. Play happily and healthily with Quintus and all the other babies who have gone on.
Special prayers and vibes for Quartus

Rest In Peace Secundus
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He is definitely a pretty boy. Sending prayers and good vibes to his family, both human and feline .
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Play happily at the bridge Secundus
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I am so sorry Tricia.
My condolences to all who loved sweet Secundus.
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Poor boy He was still a baby as well.

You can certainly see how he won the contest as well Tricia, because he's gorgeous!

Have a fun time playing over the bridge Secundus

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My condolences to his family.

Play free at the bridge sweet boy
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Oh I'm so sorry for your loss. He's a handsome boy! I love his black mask, and his special name.

Rest in peace Angel Secundus
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Rest in Peace, Secundus.
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Oh how sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry I missed this. He was a beautiful boy, obviously VERY loved!!!!!!!

RIP, sweet angel.

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What a Handsome boy! Rest in Peace Secundus.
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