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My new kittens & a few questions

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Look how cute! http://hometown.aol.com/jtdklr/myhomepage/cat.html
I am so in love with all of them and very disappointed and scared that I have to find another home for 4 out of 7 of them. I am keeping one and my mother and sister are taking one so I dont have to worry about them. I am certainly going to get Rascal aka mama kitty fixed. I have never done this before and its really hard on me because I know that I do have to give away 4 of them and I do not want any of them to end up in a shelter. I have really learned a lesson here. Anyways, My question is how do I know if mama kitty has enough milk? Also can holding the kittens to much be harmful to them? if so how much is to much? Luckily my cat trusts me very much and she has no problem with me handling her babies. One last question, ever since mama kitty had her litter, she refuses to use her litter box and instead she is going you know what in my bath tub! Why is she doing this? Any help will be appreciated.

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Whens the last time momma was checked out by the vet?
At any rate, it's about time that she does, specially about this new improper elimination issue. There could be serveral reasons as to why she's using your bath tub.

As for the kittens, only "play" with them a few times a day, you should leave them and momma at peace for most of the day.
Now is a good time to gently touch the kittens all over, on their paws/toes, face, tails, ears, every place so hopefully they can grow up to be tolerant adult cats!
If you pick them up, you must support their bottom and legs, so cup them into your hands when you pick them up.
I mostly like to just let them sit/lay on my chest near my heart for a minute or too, pet them, talk to them and then put them back so they can sleep or eat etc. You don't want to hold them for more then a few minutes in one setting or be too rough, kittens can get exahasted easily.

Your kittens should be getting enough milk if they are all plump their bellys should not be skinny at all.) Check to see if they are dehydrated by checking their gums, they should be pink, if you gently press on them they turn white and then quickly back to pink, they should be getting a sufficiant amount.
If not there is KMR which is cat milk, and there is cat milk recipie suppliments you can make at home for them and bottle feed as well.
Are the momma cats nipple big and well developed? Hopefully her mammory glads have developed properly.

How old are these kittens, they look very young from the pictures.

And welcome to the board!
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Thanks for all the advice. The kittens were born on April 14th. Mama kitty was checked out not to long ago but not since she starting using the tub. She only started this after the kittens were born. Before she had the kittens she always went potty outside, she had not been using the litter box for a month or two. I wonder if this has anything to do with her using my tub.

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her litter box is very clean. To ensure mom has enough milk you should be giving her kitten food also. What ever you do, keep her inside! She can get pregnant right after having kittens. Best of luck!
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Thanks...Dont worry she has not benn out since, I wont take any chances. How soon after they give birth can they be fixed? her litter box is totally clean, she hasnt used it at all.

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awww they are very cute!!!
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