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here kitty kitty kitty

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ok i have a werid question, well maybe not so werid. i have two cats, they are indoor, never go outside, they aren't allowed to. but here is the question...i used to have the cat box in the guest bedroom, well they peed on the floor, so i moved the cat box into our second bathroom. well, now when i clean the box, i clean it every other day. i've noticed these bugs in it. i never noticed them in the box before when it was in the bedroom. has anyone every noticed bugs in the cat litter? they have wings and are a little bigger than a gnat. oh and i will add that i have one of those jumbo size cat boxes with the lid, where the cat has to walk through a door to get in and out. anyways thanks guys and sorry for the werid post.
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What type of litter do you use?
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i use tidy cats, the one in the red container. i've used it for a while now, it's not the clay litter though cause that stuff doesnt clump. i tried the small spaces one and it seemed to stink worse, so i switched back. it's tidy cats scoop for mulitiple cats. i just got off my lazy butt and looked.
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I've had trouble with those a couple of times when I've been too sick or too busy to scoop daily. I believe they're fruit flies.

Keeping all food or fruit that is in the house in the refrigerator and scooping the litter box carefully twice a day should help get rid of them and keep them from returning. Also avoid leaving out anything that can attract them - no fresh flowers, crumbs on the counter, etc.

Be sure to get every trace of poop out of the box (cats sometimes leave small bits of poop addition to their regular-sized stool). Also clean your scooper if it gets any traces of poop on it. Dispose of the soiled litter immediately. If you live in an apartment and don't have an outdoor garbage can, take it out to the dumpster every scooping - don't leave it in a trash can inside the house, even if the can has a lid. A "litter locker" might be an option for apartment living - I've never tried one personally but they're supposed to truly seal up the mess until you dispose of it. Those weren't around when I lived in an apartment - I always just took it out to the dumpster twice a day.

Scooping twice a day is a bit of a pain at first, but it really only takes a few seconds and it's very easy once it becomes a habit. It can do worlds of good in preventing going-out-of-the-box problems in cats, too.
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For scooping, I use four-gallon plastic trash bags. I found that I need to double the bags; otherwise the bags can break at the seam. I keep the bagged scooped litter in an almost empty 30-gallon plastic litter container (with a little fresh litter at the bottom), which seems to be airtight, between weekly garbage pickups.
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