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Tuna or other substitute?

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I am currently feeding the Wellness grain free canned foods. However, I just moved and am really tight on cash until I get paid again. I am really concerned because I am running low on cat food and can't purchase a full supply until then. Is it ok to feed canned tuna on a short term basis? Or, is there a cheap wet food I can substitute in the meantime? I want to be a good meowmy.
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Well, I'm no expert...I have heard tuna is not good for cats?? (is this true?)
As far as cheap wet food, on her I have been told Meow Mix wet is pretty good for a cheap food and can be purchased at a grocery store.

Sorry I am not too much help!!
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I had a feeling. I feel so guilty to have to get cheap on my guys. I can do Meow Mix, they liked that.
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I would not feed people tuna or cat tuna. I try to stay away from fish foods. You'd do better to pick up a few cans of Friskies to tie them over.
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Thanks again for the advice. I'll be doing that. I'm hoping I will have enough money to get them some Wellness, I just hate to be wishy washy with their food because I know how sensitive they can be.
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yeah get some cheaper cat food over tuna ... how much is the wellness .?? maybe try a mid level brand
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The wellness is about $1.79 for a 5.5 oz can, I am going through about 3 of those per day. I also get the 12.5 oz cans too which is about $20 for 12 of them. I go through about 1.5 of those per day, so a 12 pack lasts me about a week. I have a 15lb cat (healthy weight) and a 21lb cat (has lost 4 pounds, needs to lose about 4-5 more). I usually don't have a problem but for a few days I need to get something where I don't have to drive across town to get it or spend a lot of money. I hate it.
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since you are better with the large cans then yes maybe read the grocery labels ...

do you have a BIG pet store within a reasonable distance
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