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Isn’t it weird when people you knew a long time ago die.

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I got an email today from my ex boyfriend informing me that an old friend of mine, who was a very good friend at the time brother had died.

His brother was a very interesting character to say the least. I barely understood a word he said as his Jamaican accent was so strong. I remember he always came on to me regardless of how much I put him down (in a fun way, I was never pressured and he was never insulted). I also remember how he would sit outside my office (his brother worked with me and got this guy a temp job) and wait for me for break. I remember I hung out with him everyday for 2 month until his contract expired and I never saw him again. I do remember asking my friend every so often how his brother was doing and always had a good chuckle with the funny things he was up to.

Apparently he was having trouble holding a job in Jamaica, he got into crime and was shot in the head for a deal gone wrong. My friend is having trouble bringing his body back because there is a hit on any of this guys family if they go to Jamaica… My friend I worked with was a great guy too, never did anything bad or illegal.

I’m sad for this guy, he had a wife and kids. I just thought it was weird how you can forget people and then just have all the memories of that person come back when they died.

Side Note: Can anyone help me write a letter of condolence to my old friend? I just don’t know what to say. We were good friend a long time ago, but that was like 4-5 years ago. I just want a basic but caring one… I’m not good with words lol.
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That's so sad! I hope they can figure something out for his burial. What a tragic way for a life to end. I feel so bad for his family!!

I know what you mean about memories coming back. One of my great-uncles passed a couple weeks ago. I hadn't seen him in years and knew he was failing. I was surprised how much I remembered about him during the last few days he was with us and then once he passed. It had to be about 8 years or more since I last saw him, and quite a few more before that.
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That's so sad And kind of frightening that if any family goes to Jamaica they could be a target!

I know a few people I had gone to high school with who've died (and I've only been out of school for 3.5 years). One girl died in a car wreck a few months after I moved - it was weird going back and seeing the memorial on the side of the road. One died of an overdose - I'd been friends with him for awhile, and knew most of his family. Another was really sick for as long as I knew him and died a year or two ago.

That may not be considered a "long time" ago, but it's still really strange.
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That is really sad! I hope his family works something out!!

I have had a few friends pass away in the last few years. One girl I had been friends with from 1st grade to 8th grade and we just lost touch in high school. She past away two years after high school. It was just really weird. She just got really sick and they could not save her. I is strange how you can not think about some one for years and then when they pass all of the memories come rushing back, as if you just saw them the day before.

I am not sure what to put for a letter to him. I would keep it simple, maybe add a happy story or memory of his brother.
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I know… it’s so weird. If you had asked me months ago if my friend Richard had a brother I would have said I don’t think so. It amazing how much I am remembering. I remember now why I didn’t understand him. He had a very strong accent but he also had a severe stutter. I remember he didn’t just wait for me fro break he would sit there for like an hour waiting for me, my boss thought he was weird. I think he just had a huge crush on me lol. I think everyone made fun of him, I am pretty much nice to everyone so maybe that’s why he followed me around so much.

I still don’t know what to write my friend Richard. I keep starting a letter then staring at the screen blankly for about 20min lol. So far all I have is “Hi Richard, “ LOL. I will keep trying.
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